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S2O allergies???

I bought the S2O washer sheets, and yes they are a bit slimy. But I had a different problem with them. I wash my bedding with them, along with some other items in a different run, and now I have the horrible rash where I laid my head on my pillow cases. Any place that my skin touched the sheets or any items I washed in them, has a giant rash. My feet where I wore my socks, my basketball shorts, and my bedding, along with some washclothes that made my face itch so much, I could hardly stand it.

I had actually started taking a new product from Andrew Lessman and at first thought that might be what it was, but after looking on where the rash was, shoulders, feet, back, you get the picture, I realized what it was.

Has anyone else had that issue?
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RE: S2O allergies???

Could very well be an allergy. I'm definitely allergic to certain detergents.
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