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Is Diana Perkovic leaving?

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I just saw on Facebook that Diana is leaving.  That's so sad.  I really like her style.  Sure, she could improve on certain aspects of her presentation but overall, she's a natural at this.  I will surely miss her.  


On a side note, who is this creep named Justin Floyd on her facebook page that is answering all her posts as if he and she are the same.  Stalker alert.  Scary stuff.



AngelaQ - we moved your thread over to the HSN TV Forum where there are other posts about this subject.

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Re: Is Diana Perkovic leaving?

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wow..that is a surprise to me hearing Diana is leaving because Hsn uses her for a lot for the fashion shows. Does anyone know where she is going after Hsn?  I wonder who is going take over her time slots on Hsn because Hsn hasn't hired any new hosts other than two young ones (I don't remember their names).

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Re: Is Diana Perkovic leaving?

AngelaQ....this is serious situation....serious stalking is obvious! For people with your investigation....all info are posted openly for public. I hope that Diana and HSN are aware of that. Stalking is criminal activity, and shouldn;t be left without response.
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Re: Is Diana Perkovic leaving?

On her last show, Diana said "this is not goodbye", which tells me she will probably be back hawking her own line of something. That is probably where the real money is at. I think some other previous hosts have done that too.
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Re: Is Diana Perkovic leaving?

I really liked Diane too, she had an ability to really stay focused, she was quite to the point and didnt mince her words. She also was very polished and had the right look for high fashion, I hope she is returning. Maybe they can get ADAm to fill in for her, since he is on all the time.

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