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Food Wasted on the Cooking Shows?

I have been curious for some time about this subject.

With all the food dishes that the chef's prepare on the shows, who eats it?
Is it thrown away? Does the stage hands get to consume it? If so, does hsn take the cost out of their checks as an employee discounted meal?
I couldn't see the hostesses eating this stuff cause if they did, they would be out to here. Then they would have to join the Little guy in the excersing shows to burn it off. Would that be multi-tasking that you women are good at?, lol.
Does seem to be a lot of food disappearing there. What really happens to it?
Could it be that hsn donates it to a food shelter there in New York?
Speaking of donating, does hsn donate to any worthy causes? Or is it strictly for profit company?

I remember when I was a lot younger, my parents always told me not to waste food and that there is a hungry child in India who goes to bed without dinner. Wonder if they are sending it to him.
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RE: Food Wasted on the Cooking Shows?

Hi, MrBucket...well, it is often said during the cooking shows that the crew and the employees are anticipating eating the food that was prepared. Shannon has mentioned many times that she brings her empty containers to take home some of Wolfgang's cooking. Can't say I blame them. How cool would that be having a world class chef making your dinner! What a treat! It would be nice if they donated food from the cooking shows, but I have never heard them say anything about that. Have a great weekend!

Keep looking up!
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RE: Food Wasted on the Cooking Shows?

I love watching Wolf, but sometimes his hygiene habits are lacking - so I don't think I would be too enthused - if it was Marian or another chief perhaps so. I am a Wolfgang fan, but he's always wiping his nose or sticking his fork in repeatedly in the food while eating it - yuck

Who knows - there is probably so much red tape and rules against donating food to food pantries they don't do that...
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