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SuzeOrman | Partner | a week ago 3 People have Smiled

5 Steps To Making Retirement Planning EasyThere is no quicker way for me to ratchet up the stress in a room than to ask how everyone is doing with their retirement planning. I understand the anxiety. The stakes are so high and wading through all the options-401(k)s, IRAs, Rollovers-can be confusing. I am here to help. Master these four steps to get your retirement savings rolling, and your confidence up.

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JayKing | Partner | 3 weeks ago 5 People have Smiled

Amazing Color Choices And More This May With New Jay King Mine FindsWell summer is just around the corner and as usual everything is in bloom around my house. I love this time of year because of all the great colors that surround me but my allergies have kicked into high gear making it a bit of a challenge.

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AndrewLessman | Partner | 04.16.2016 9:40 AM 3 People have Smiled

The Evolution of our Ultimate Eye Support & About GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)Before I discuss our upcoming Ultimate Eye Support Today’s Special and some exciting aspects of the formula and the science, I wanted to first briefly discuss a very important, unrelated subject about which I am constantly receiving questions.  I am referring to those three ominous letters – G.M.O. also known as Genetically Modified Organisms.  I am just going to cover the basics of the most frequent questions I am asked.  Of course, I will be happy to spend more time on such an important topic during a future online web event.

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AndrewLessman | Partner | 04.08.2016 10:21 PM 2 People have Smiled

Maximum Essential Omega-3. Heart, Brain, Eyes, Beauty and More.It is hard to believe, but it has been more than 30 years since I first introduced our Essential Omega-3 back in the 1980s. Even more difficult for me to believe is the fact that it has been almost two decades since we did our first Essential Omega-3 Today’s Special at HSN. Time truly does fly! If you have enjoyed this formula over all those years, then you have observed the consistent improvements we have made to its quality, potency and value.

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JayKing | Partner | 04.01.2016 2:12 PM 6 People have Smiled

Spring has Sprung With New Designs by Jay King this AprilHello to all! Hoping everyone had a nice Easter Holiday. My wife and I got to spend some time with three of our grandchildren that came over for Spring Break, from England. So it was a bit more lively around our home this Easter, I have to say. I wish I had half the energy they do.

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HeidiDaus | Partner | 03.08.2016 11:41 AM 4 People have Smiled

Fabulous Jewelry Designs That Will Bring you Good LuckThe scarab beetle is the symbol of the Egyptian god Khepera, the sun god who first rises. Khepera is reborn each morning, so the scarab talisman object is said to symbolize transformation. So when we hold a scarab in our hand, we are holding the essence of change and transformation. While the Egyptian Scarab Oracle can be used to foretell future trends, it is also ideal for bringing about personal change and growth.

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AndrewLessman | Partner | 03.04.2016 2:10 PM 2 People have Smiled

Four Deal Hunting Tips from Tory Johnson Deal HunterI know that “patience is a virtue,” but knowing that has not helped the last 3 months pass more quickly while I was awaiting ChocoNuvo. Unlike vitamins that we can create in a matter of weeks, ChocoNuvo requires months to go from cacao beans to become ChocoNuvo. In fact, the newly created ChocoNuvo we have available today started with a commitment many months ago to a unique crop of organic and fair trade cacao beans growing in a far-off land.

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ToryJohnson | Partner | 03.04.2016 11:37 AM 3 People have Smiled

Four Deal Hunting Tips from Tory Johnson Deal HunterWhen you see a steal that you know someone will love, buy it now. You'll save money, and they'll appreciate the gift when they receive it from you. I have a goodie closet at home and at work where I stash great deals that I snag year round with a person or occasion in mind. This means I always have hostess or just-because gifts for close friends at my fingertips. Since I buy it when I see it, not just when I need it, I make smart, guilt-free choices without being under pressure to simply buy anything.

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AndrewLessman | Partner | 02.26.2016 2:33 PM 2 People have Smiled

A First Time Today’s Special Sneak Peek! Live Factory Remote from Henderson, NevadaAfter decades of “Midnight” Today’s Specials, it is “time” for a change, so “the times, they are a-changing.” J Back in the fall I asked everyone their thoughts about an early Today’s Special – a sort of “sneak peak.” I wondered if others were like me, going to bed before midnight, and rarely seeing the launch of a Today’s Special. When I asked that question, I expected most folks to want things to remain as they were with midnight launches of a Today’s Special. I assumed that most of us don’t like change or as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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SamanthaBrown | Partner | 02.15.2016 8:00 AM 1 Person Smiled

5 Tips to Make Your Spring Break A SuccessIt’s almost that time of year again, no not tax season, I’m talking about the spring season and more specifically, spring break! After a long, cold winter, or maybe just too many long, cold days in our aggressively air-conditioned offices, we’re all ready for a little escape. A short weekend or week-long trip is just what the doctor ordered to revive our spirits. However, sometimes poor planning leads us to need a vacation from our vacations. Avoid the common pitfalls of traveling with my spring break travel tips. It will ensure that your dream getaway becomes a reality!

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AmyMorrison | Host | 02.13.2016 8:00 AM 2 People have Smiled

Get A Glimpse of Spring Beauty In 4 Makeup StylesThe birds may not yet be chirping or the flowers yet in bloom but we can feel it in our bones--spring is on the way. Of course the arrival of spring means it’s time to change up our signature styles and no fashion is as easy and noncommittal to play with as our makeup. Get new ideas for your spring look with the top 4 makeup styles of the season.

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TheList | Partner | 02.13.2016 8:00 AM 4 People have Smiled

Discover The Pantone Shades Of SpringPantone is considered the authority on color choice and every year they select one special hue that will be THE color of the year. This year in an exciting surprise they chose, not one, but two dreamy colors artfully swirled together: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Naturally, we’re already studying our entire spring wardrobes to find all the possible ways to wear these stunning shades . Check out our style guide for ideas on how to wear Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year.

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NicholeCrews | Expert | 02.11.2016 8:00 AM 2 People have Smiled

A Sweet Valentine’s Day Breakfast of Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese DrizzleHappy Valentine’s Day! Make your favorite person (or persons if you have little ones at home) a batch of Red Velvet Pancakes with a Cream Cheese Drizzle to show your love, this weekend. These pancakes are light, fluffy, and insanely delicious. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a batch of velvety red pancakes as breakfast in bed!

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JayKing | Partner | 02.11.2016 8:00 AM 6 People have Smiled

The Super Bowl for Rock Hounds & Jewelry PeopleWell February is already upon us and this year is already starting out to be quite a new adventure. Every year my wife and I load up our RV with Jeep in tow to head out to the Tucson Gem Show. This has become an annual event for us where we can spend some quality time together and still work and have some fun. We started our adventure...

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AmyMorrison | Host | 02.05.2016 8:00 AM 2 People have Smiled

5 Quick Fixes For Dry Winter SkinWinter has been playing tricks on us left and right this year---sunny one day, blustering winds and low temperatures the next. With the seasonal weather yo-yoing us around it’s no mystery that our skin is complaining. Dry skin is one of the most common ailments of winter but we’ve got 5 quick tips to help you beat the itch, and have soft, luminous skin this season.

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SeanDaly | Host | 02.04.2016 10:59 PM 14 People have Smiled

Behind-the-Scenes at FNGN Vol. 2!!In ye olden days – that is, before my job at HSN changed everything -- I used to cruise through life with approximately TWO PAIRS OF SHOES. Maybe some Stan Smith Adidas for play; a shiny/clunky/dorky pair of black Skechers for everything else. I know. Not exactly a tastemaker. But a funny thing happens when you suddenly make TV magic for a living: YOU NEED MORE SHOES, DUDE. So let’s kick off our latest batch of behind-the-scenes pix from Friday Night Game Night with my new Sonoma “lifestyle sneakers.”

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TheList | Partner | 02.04.2016 10:30 PM 2 People have Smiled

Our 5 New Favorite Kicks From KedsCanvas shoes are a hallmark of Americana culture and no company has stolen our hearts with its sweet and stylish shoe creations like Keds. If you haven’t checked out Keds since rocking a pair in highschool we definitely recommend catching up with this iconic brand. Get to know their modern line with more fun colors, prints, and cuts of canvas shoes than ever before. We’ve got our 5 new favorite kicks from Keds!

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NicholeCrews | Expert | 02.04.2016 8:00 AM 2 People have Smiled

Game Day 3-Ingredient, Chili-Lime Chicken WingsWhether you’re more excited for the actual Super Bowl game, the commercials and entertainment, or all the tasty football food for Sunday, these 3-Ingredient, Chili-Lime Wings allow you to spend less time in the kitchen, and more time enjoying the game itself.If championship rings were given out for game day grub, we’d all win a ring with a batch of Chili-Lime Wings!

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HeidiDaus | Partner | 02.03.2016 8:00 AM 3 People have Smiled

The Best New Jewelry For A Girl’s Night OutWe as women spend so much time tending to and taking care of everyone else, and in turn, we can sometimes skimp out on ourselves! So I wanted to share with you some images of a few lovely people all dolled up and ready to take on the town! I hope it inspires you to pick up the phone, call all of your girlfriends and plan a night for yourselves.

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AmyMorrison | Host | 01.30.2016 8:00 AM 2 People have Smiled

Be A Brow Guru with These Eyebrow Sculpting TipsSometimes it seems like just yesterday that, for the first time, we secretly swiped a pair of tweezers from our mother’s medicine cabinet and took our first forays into eyebrow sculpting. If only we had the pro tips and tools of beauty experts then that we do know. C'est la vie! But we can make up for lost time by learning all the best tricks of the trade today. Become a master of shaping, filling and defining your brows for a sleeker, more natural, beautiful look.

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MingTsai | Partner | 01.29.2016 8:00 AM 1 Person Smiled

Ming’s Kung Fu Panda Style Secret Ingredient SoupSharpen your culinary prowess to the level of a noodle master and kung fu warrior like Po in Kung Fu Panda 3 with my Ginger Noodle Soup and Traditional Pork Dumplings. The secret to this soup is a touch of sesame oil as a garnish that really gives the dish a savory flavor. For the traditional pork dumplings I’ve also included my signature Dim Sum Dipper sauce.

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SeanDaly | Host | 01.28.2016 9:06 PM 7 People have Smiled

Friday Night Game Night Asks The DEEP QuestionsSo what’s it going to be? Would you rather have the Mensa-level ability to SPEAK EVERY LANGUAGE? Or would you rather be a modern-day Dr. Dolittle and possess the magic to SPEAK TO ANIMALS?

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NicholeCrews | Expert | 01.28.2016 8:00 AM 2 People have Smiled

Tailgate-Worthy Taco Stuffed Pepper BitesSmall in size, but big in flavor, these Taco Stuffed Pepper Bites are the perfect way to enjoy the Big Game next weekend with friends! It’s all about portion control, and using fresh ingredients to achieve the same flavors as a traditional taco - with less calories, or carbs. Score extra points with a side of Avocado Crema, by swapping out sour cream for Greek yogurt. Go Team!

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MingTsai | Partner | 01.26.2016 8:00 AM 1 Person Smiled

Meet “Ming” In Kung Fu Panda 3!Everyone might think they know Ming, my friends and family included, but this month you all will get to see a new side to me. A much more animated side! I recently traded out my chef’s knives for a chance to appear in DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 3!

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AnnaGriffin | Partner | 01.25.2016 8:00 AM 5 People have Smiled

Anna Griffin’s 6 Favorite HSN MemoriesHi HSN family! On Tuesday, January 26th I am celebrating the 6th Anniversary of Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting on HSN, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of my favorite milestones and memories. What an honor it’s been to be a part of this amazing journey for the past 6 years!

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