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AmyMorrison | Host | yesterday

Fly Like A Pro with This Travel Beauty KitIt’s no coincidence that flight attendants look amazing even after grueling all-night flights and long layovers; they’ve got travel beauty down to a science. But for the rest of us infrequent flyers, rules and restrictions can force us to sacrifice the essentials of our beauty routines. With a little thoughtful planning we can have our convenience and make it to our destination still feeling fresh. Check out these travel beauty tips and toiletries kit ideas for your next trip.

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BillGreenHSN | Host | yesterday

Thoughtful Jewelry Gifts For Every June OccasionIn the first week of June our mailboxes are flooded with a slew of party invites. It’s going to be graduation, wedding, and Father’s Day events all month long so we need to grab that second cup of coffee and gear up for gift shopping. This year let’s do one better than the store bought card with a gesture that shows some extra thought. Check out this jewelry gifts guideline to start your brainstorming.

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DianeGilman | Partner | Saturday 2 People have Smiled

The Best Shape Shifter Jeans for Fluctuating WeightSome of us see a weight shift with the seasons or changing hormones, and no matter the situation when our weight fluctuates getting dressed becomes a real challenge. A few pounds up or down and suddenly our favorite jeans feel like they weren’t made for us anymore. Enough is enough! It’s time to find pieces that we love that can give and take in our wardrobes for every day of the year. Look for these cuts, fabrics, and styles for fluctuating weight jeans and love the way you look!

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TheList | Partner | Wednesday 1 Person Smiled

Look Lovely In These 5 Styles of LaceWhen we slip on a lace dress we instantly feel a little more glamorous with a hint of old Hollywood elegance. Transforming this textile from straight cocktail attire to regular daily wear is easy to do so we can enjoy the look of lace for any occasion. Let these lace outfits inspire your lighter summer style!

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nonoExpert | Partner | Wednesday 1 Person Smiled

How to Achieve the Best Results From Your no!no! DeviceJumping into unknown territory like at-home hair removal treatments can be intimidating but using your no!no! doesn’t have to be. From powering up your device to post-treatment care, we’ll guide you on how to get the best results. The no!no! is customizable to almost every need, with tips and tricks that will help prevent getting tangled up...

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AmyMorrison | Host | Wednesday 1 Person Smiled

Copper Is The New Hardware For Fighting WrinklesIt’s a penny for your thoughts but now we’re saving that extra change to improve our skin. Copper is a natural material that we’ve used for millennia in construction and jewelry and it also has wonderful benefits as a skin care treatment. Now before anyone goes to raid a piggy bank for a quick facial, catch these facts about copper and how to use it on your skin to put a new jingle in your step.

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ConnieCCarroll | Host | Tuesday 1 Person Smiled

Style Up and Stand Out With Statement JewelryNo color is too bold and no necklace too large for the style of statement jewelry. Wearing statement jewelry is a little like reconnecting with our younger, more carefree selves when we took more risks and attitude was half the game. Statement jewelry is about embracing those adventurous whims again with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that transform our look and don’t shy away from expressing our tastes. Try these styles tips to take your first foray into statement jewelry!

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RobertIrvine | Partner | 2 weeks ago 1 Person Smiled

A Berry Pomegranate Smoothie Worth the Work OutA good recovery drink after working out is important to restore our energy levels and help tired muscles begin to repair and rebuild. Blending together some protein powder and greek yogurt with the sweetness of berries, my raspberry pomegranate smoothie recipe will quench your thirst and appease your taste buds too. Treat yourself to this healthy smoothie as a reward for staying fit!

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ElsaBarbi | Expert | 2 weeks ago 1 Person Smiled

Get Your Salon-Level Manicure At HomeWith so much to do and so little time our nails can start to look a little worse for wear, but we all can find a spare 15 seconds, right? We’ll show you how to give your digits the salon treatment at home with soothing cuticle care, nourishing hand and skin treatments, and how to strengthen nail beds and prevent breakage. Give your nails some much needed TLC with this quick and easy DIY manicure!

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ColleenLopez | Host | 2 weeks ago 1 Person Smiled

A White-Hot Fashionable SummerWith our calendars quickly approaching June, we’re opening our closet doors and our perspectives a little bit wider to invite a classic summer color to our fashion: White! When white clothing starts appearing on the streets we know spring is on its last leg and things are about to heat up. There’s lots of way to wear white that are far from seeming bridal or super sterile. Try these outfit ideas to light up your summer look!

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AmyMorrison | Host | 2 weeks ago 1 Person Smiled

The Bright Basics of Sunless TanningAn orange is a fruit, not the shade we want our skin to look after self tanning. Sunless tanners are easy and painless to use with the right products and understanding. With this step-by-step guide on the basics of self tanners anyone can achieve a bronzed look from the comfort of their home. We may come to miss the beach and sunny skies but we’re going to love the way our new tan looks!

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ShivanSarna | Host | 2 weeks ago 1 Person Smiled

Plan A Great Last-Minute Memorial Day PartyIt’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day activities like grocery shopping, meetings, laundry (the list goes on!) and put important things, like family and friends, on the back burner. This Memorial Day gives us the chance to remember just how lucky we are for all the individuals and gifts in our lives. If you don’t have anything on your agenda for Memorial Day yet there’s still time to throw together an impromptu get-together and I’ve got great ideas to get you started!

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BillGreenHSN | Host | 2 weeks ago 2 People have Smiled

Travel Centuries of Style With Italian JewelryIn the jewelry world Italian designers are considered some of the top masters of their craft. Dating back hundreds of years, Italian jewelry has always set the stage for trends and the best new, design techniques. Jewelry in Italy is celebrated not just for its beauty but also for its individuality, where each piece tells a unique story of the woman who wears it. Our favorite Italian, jewelry designers bring old-world European excellence to these modern accesories.

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DianeGilman | Partner | 3 weeks ago 6 People have Smiled

DG2 Rings In 21 Years At HSN with 21 Fun FactsThis month I get to add another candle to DG2’s birthday cake as we celebrate twenty one years at HSN! Never could I have anticipated the consistent warmth and support I have received from the very get-go from HSN and all of our loyal customers. After more than two decades I’ve truly developed a family here that supports creativity and passion to make every woman feel her best, myself included. To celebrate DG2’s birthday month I’m sharing 21 fun facts about me, the woman behind the denim!

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CurtisStone | Partner | 3 weeks ago 2 People have Smiled

Get Excited for Breakfast with This Easy Asparagus OmeletOmelettes are a delicious way to bring new flavors to your breakfast table and one of my favorite ways of preparing them is with fresh vegetables. Asparagus is fantastic in omelets as it really absorbs whatever seasoning you give it like lemon, vinegar, or garlic, and it gives a refreshing crispness to the eggs. The best thing about this asparagus omelet is that it can be prepped ahead of time. The asparagus can be cut and the cheese can be sliced u...

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ColleenLopez | Host | 3 weeks ago 2 People have Smiled

Dress a Cut above The Rest with Cut-Out FashionsStriking the right balance between sexy and conservative can be a tough fashion line to toe. The weather is warming up and it feels nice to show a little bit of skin again in the sun but we still want our clothes to leave a healthy dose to the imagination. Cut-out fashions bridge the gap for us between these two by presenting beautiful tops, dresses, or jackets with small peek-a-boo portions of cut away space. This little reveal can show a glance of bare skin or a sheer layer that finds that unique way to be subtle flirty and pretty all at the same time.

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AmyMorrison | Host | 3 weeks ago 3 People have Smiled

5 Simple Secrets to Prevent Wrinkles and Erase Fine LinesCall them laugh lines, crow’s feet, or a furrowed brow, but wrinkles by any other name still aren’t so sweet. Luckily, or unluckily depending on how you look at it, wrinkles don’t discriminate from one lady to the next and everyone is bound to get a few as they age. The good news? We know some tricks to prevent wrinkles and hide fine lines so we can keep looking as young as we feel. Try working these simple skincare secrets into your day and see how your skin thanks you.

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AdamFreeman | Host | 3 weeks ago 3 People have Smiled

A Smashing Birthday Celebration on the Monday Night ShowAs some of you might know, last Monday, the 4th, I got to celebrate another turn around the sun with my awesome family and friends at HSN. I was so excited to get to share my birthday with everyone on The Monday Night Show as it happened to coincide with a first-time guest appearance from Skip and Amanda of Perlier. I was told there be some surprises on the show that night but none managed to “shatter” my expectations quite like this fun moment with Skip!

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ConnieCCarroll | Host | 3 weeks ago 2 People have Smiled

Take This Jewelry on Vacation That Can Go The Extra MilesMemorial Day is less than two weeks away and before we know it summer will be here so the number one thing on our minds has to be vacation! Getting away to recharge with family and friends is the best feeling but deciding what jewelry to bring on a trip can throw us for a loop. Do we pack for style or for ease? Do we bring all of our favorites or keep it minimal? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of it all and have an easy guideline for your jewelry packing plan! With our tips you’ll have everything you need for sparkle and convenience on your next vacation.

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BillGreenHSN | Host | a month ago 2 People have Smiled

Take a Shine to These Stunning Gold DesignsSometimes simplicity is the key to beauty and when it comes to jewelry that mantra has a great supporter in gold. The allure of gold comes from its natural ability to transform its persona. With the most detailed designs, gold can be wrought into a bold and precise pattern and in its next presentation melded into a delicate and fluid style. This week we are honing in on the graceful details of this fine met...

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JayKing | Partner | a month ago 9 People have Smiled

May Tidings Include A Myriad of New Materials For Opal LoversI can't believe May is already here. Well so far my year has been a whirlwind for sure. It has been a very unusual year for sure and quite exciting. Just so everyone knows we have to work so far out that all the excitement this year you probably won't get to see until late 2015 or early 2016, but that's what keeps it f...

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LorenaGarcia | Partner | 05.01.2015 12:49 PM 2 People have Smiled

Celebrate With Snapper Taquitos with Jicama-Apple SalsitaJicama is one of my favorite starches to cook with. It adds a crunchy, simple texture especially prepared with dishes that have lots of zest and flavor. But this is no ordinary starch! Jicama is also has some great health benefits. It helps protect against osteoporosis and promotes good stomach digestion and a balanced immunit...

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AmyMorrison | Host | 04.30.2015 2:13 PM 2 People have Smiled

Give Your Locks New Looks to Love with These Ideas for National Hairstyle Appreciation DayA good hair day changes everything; we feel more upbeat, confident, and beautiful in our own skin. For National Hairstyle Appreciation Day we want to share some inspiration on style ideas that can ensure we’ll have more days of bright, shining locks on the horizon. We’re putting the frizz and frustration to rest with these low maintenance, and easy-to-style hair ideas.

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ColleenLopez | Host | 04.30.2015 1:44 PM 2 People have Smiled

Our New Favorite Loungewear Styles That Look Anything But LazyIt’s almost the weekend! After five days of business, whether it's in an office or managing a house, we deserve some down time to relax in our most comfortable clothes. Sporting our favorite pajamas all weekend is one option but I’m guessing we might get funny looks from our neighbors or the clerks at the grocery store when we venture outside the house. A better option is some of my new favorite loungewear. Soft, draping basics done up with a lot more finesse, these new loungewear essentials can easily go from enjoying the first cup of coffee in the morning to running errands and meeting friends and family for lunch. Try slipping into some of these more cozy styles!

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GuyYovan | Host | 04.30.2015 8:00 AM 2 People have Smiled

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with A Fiesta of Flavorful RecipesThis Cinco de Mayo enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes and drinks and add some new recommendations into the kitchen with recipes from some of HSN’s expert chefs like Lorena Garcia, Ingrid Hoffman, and Eduardo Garcia. They’ll help you set up a spicy and savory spread for your dinner or party plans that will go a step beyond your typical “taco tuesday” menu. With your kitchen strategy taken care of the only thing left to do will be to cue the music, string up the lights, and maybe even let loose with a pinata?

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