See You For Host Pick!

by Partner AdrienneLandau on ‎10-11-2012 09:27 PM (15 Views)

I am so honored to have two pieces chosen as a host pick for my upcoming show! Friday October 19th at 4:00PM I will be with Diana Perkovic showing all you ladies a fun, sporty yet casual jacket with a matching hat! The pieces are what I like to call “Urban Safari.” I know that you all will love these items and feel like the queen of your own personal jungle. The combination of Diana’s sense of style and this jacket will be fabulous! The faux fur looks and feels just like real mink, it’s honestly amazing how well they are replicating my expensive luxury furs. The hat is so cute and on trend with a big brim that it will be sure to get you noticed anywhere! These two pieces are definitely going to add some serious pizazz to your wardrobe this fall and for years to come!

by FITZI on ‎10-13-2012 03:45 PM

Would like to ask Andrew Lessman if there are any plans to reduce the number of capsules in the Joint Effort product. Love that Essential-1 has, for me, replaced the Complete Multi-vitamin.

by PamalaT on ‎10-14-2012 09:31 AM

I am searching for a supplement that reduces blood pressure. I see others on the internet that reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Does any of your supplements do that?

by trico on ‎10-29-2012 11:35 PM


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