Quirky Introduces The Click 'N Cook Premiering January 29th on HSN

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Well, Hello. I'm new here.
First, an introduction: I'm the Founder of Quirky, Ben Kaufman--and I'm beyond thrilled to be joining the HSN family.
So, yes, the name of the company is Quirky... but don't go judging us just yet. It's not our products that are Quirky, it's our process. You see, when Quirky premieres on HSN on January 29th, you're not just getting me and a bunch of products. You're getting me, a bunch of incredibly unique products, and tens of thousands of people around the world. Quirky is a community of amazing people. People just like you.
Every week, we come together to develop two brand new products. The ideas for those products come from people all around the world. People, just like you.
Quite simply... We Make Invention Accessible. For centuries, good ideas have been left up to luck and circumstance. At Quirky, good ideas are identified by a global community, and brought into the world at lightning speed- with the help of a rockstar expert product design team based in NYC.
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Lets talk about one particular good idea.
Good ideas always solve a problem. Lori and Fred Ende were cooking breakfast at their home in Brewster, New York less then a year ago. They could not stand the space issues they were experiencing in their utensil drawer. They wanted better.
Fred is a school teacher, and Lori was an expecting Mom.... Not the type you'd typically expect to be developing a new product. Lori and Fred made their way to Quirky, where they submitted their idea for a modular spatula system. The concept quickly resonated with our community members. Within days, the Quirky Staff in NYC we're hard at work on a totally new kind of spatula.
Lori & Fred spoke to me briefly this week about his experiences with Quirky, and the development of his amazing new product: The Click 'N Cook.
Ben: Describe the evolution of your idea from the time you first had it, to when you submitted it, to when it launched in the Quirky store, to when it shipped to your door.
Fred: The Click 'N Cook evolved quite a bit from sketch to store. It started as a tool with two purposes when it was pitched: to solve the space issue in utensil drawers and on the countertop and to keep food from slipping off utensils. Feedback from Quirky members showed the need for the space issue, and research collected showed five heads as a good number of heads to include. As the product went from an idea to reality, its countertop footprint was decreased in size to keep the cost down, and make it even more space-saving.
Ben: The Click ‘N Cook hit its presale threshold the day your daughter was born. How was it having two “babies” born at the same time?
Fred: The day my daughter was born, the Click 'N Cook sold four hundred units, and went from being an idea with interest, to an idea that really looked like it was going to go into production. This was an amazing feeling for me. My wife and I had a happy and healthy daughter, and our idea was getting very close to reaching its presale threshold. For the first time since the product was released, it seemed like we might one day see our real baby playing with our invented baby. Happily, we only have to pay for college for one of our babies. :smileyhappy:
The finished product is nothing short of stunning.
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The Click 'N Cook is the first true, modular spatula system. One handle, that clicks into five heads. A kitchen in a box. Each head has a special home in the included base unit... which is nothing short of stunning. It's literally everything you'll need to cook... Unless you're Wolfgang. But hey, I'm not Wolfgang, and you probably aren't either.
Fred & Lori's Click 'N Cook is just one of the over 80 products that Quirky has developed so far. It is truly an amazing item that probably would have never existed had it not been for Quirky.
At Quirky, we feel the process of developing new products should be open to everyone around the world.
Unlike most brands, Quirky is able to share not just the finished product, which will be featured during Quirky's HSN premiere, but a glimpse behind our process: the sketches, drawings, renderings, and prototypes that were part of the development of this item. Here's a peek behind the scenes:
It's not just inventors like Lori & Fred that find success on Quirky, it's all sorts of people. We let the community help us at every step of the process. From picking colors, to naming products, to helping us do research, etc.
The Click 'N Cook was Fred & Lori's idea, but Chad Stewart helped name it, and Jene Hullett gave it it's tagline, "The Essential Utensil". I've never met Chad or Jene. Neither have Fred or Lori. But they helped us make this product a possibility.
Tune into Quirky's premiere on January 29th at 9am & June 30th at 2am, to see Lori and Fred's Click 'N Cook in action, along with nine other great items developed by our revolutionary product development process.
Can't wait? Have an awesome idea, or want to help us design and develop new products every week? Head on over to our Quirky page on hsn.com to jump into the action. Maybe your product will be on air when I'm back on air later this year...

by johny509 on ‎01-20-2011 09:30 PM

Congrats Ben & team and HSN. I can't wait to see how well you do here on HSN and look forward to tons of great new products!

by thegroovy1 on ‎01-29-2011 10:13 AM

Can someone tell me how this works? Is there help getting a patent? Do you sell your idea to someone? Does the product stay yours? I have an idea for a product that would sell to 75% of households, but not certain of how that whole invention world works. Any thoughts?

by OnTheVerge on ‎01-29-2011 12:17 PM

I have a great Idea that would cater to oh say about 70% of the women in our Country, but I have a few questions, do you have to get your idea patent before you contact Quirky? How does Quirky secure you idea? A lot of people have great ideas but don't know how to get them develope and don't share them in fear of someone ripping their idea off and gaining success from the invention.. Any insight you provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks

by QuirkyJess on ‎02-01-2011 01:47 PM

Hey there! Jess here from Quirky HQ. Happy to answer your questions.
Quirky makes invention accessible by doing the heavy lifting. Every week, we collect ideas and choose the best ones to design, develop, and bring to market. We don't buy ideas, nor do we help w/ patents, and we pay royalties to the inventor and people who influenced the product for as long as it's out there.
For more info, check out Quirky.com's Learn section and FAQ at http://quirky.com/learn, or email questions@quirky.com!

by QuirkyJess on ‎02-01-2011 01:54 PM

This is Jess, from Quirky HQ. Happy to answer your questions!
You definitely don't need to have a patent on an idea before submitting it to Quirky. We take a pretty progressive approach to invention - we think that it's better to act on an idea, instead of sit on it!
That said, we are an online platform. If putting your idea out there makes you nervous, a patent is an option for peace of mind.
More questions? Check out http://quirky.com/learn or http://support.quirky.com (our support forum).

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