New Year Resolution

by Partner DarleneCahill on ‎01-13-2010 07:30 PM (35 Views)

Happy New Year!!!
It was love at first sight.
Introducing (drumroll please) ROXY~~~~
Our new puppy. She is a barrel of laughs, a truckload of smiles and a sea of sloppy kisses. Roxy is a six month Pit/English Pointer mix that is thrilled to have been rescued from the SPCA. She just dropped by to introduce herself~~ Don’t be surprised if you see her in some of my upcoming demos!!
I trust that you have stitched your way into many hearts over the holidays. Most of you have crafted delightful, personal surprises that put many smiles on the faces of those you love. I hope that you managed to take a few snapshots of your favorite pieces because now you can upload them to the website! Dot Com has a forum to show off your creations. Don’t be shy. My first pair of pants had four fronts and I couldn’t get them over my ‘junk in the trunk’ but we all have to start somewhere?
On, click on your sewing machine and scroll down to DESCRIPTION. Next to that is a tab called PROJECTS. Click on projects and upload yours.
Did you make your list of New Year’s Resolutions? I make ONE every year. For me, that’s much more achievable than an entire list of changes. For example, in 2008 it was “Live In Truth” (you know, to quit saying YES, when I really felt like NO!) In 2009 it was “Fit and Fabulous” (couldn’t bear ‘fat and fifty!’) so I joined my local YMCA and here I am one year later still taking four classes a week and working with a personal trainer. OK, so I haven’t actually lost any weight BUT……Overall, I am much stronger and I’m feeling Fabulous—even with long hours sitting on my butt in the sewing studio!
This year, I have decided that my New Year’s Resolution will be “Focus and Finish” because there are no less than twenty-two ‘cut but not sewn’ apparel projects, three books/DVDs half way written and an incomplete decorative ceiling for my entranceway…. ( I figure that a mantra is better than ADD medication.) I’d be interested in hearing about your New Year’s Resolution(s) this year so we can cheer each other on~ I need all the help I can get!
Time to dive into Futura’s world of ADVANCED EDITING software. Take a deep breath! Editing allows you creative control over your designs so you can tweak them exactly the way you want to. The list below shows you the difference between basic editing (which is built into the machines installation software) and advanced editing, (which is an optional and additional add-on software) this way you can decide if Advanced Editing is something you’d like to use in your machine embroideries.? If you don’t already own ADVANCED EDITING, pick it up today on item # 434-549.


  • Move
  • Resize
  • Rotate
  • Flip
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Repeat
  • Change Colors


  • Change Stitch Type
  • Change Stitch Setting
  • Adjust Pull Compensation (stretch)
  • Add a Running stitch around an area
  • Edit a Block
  • Edit Lettering
  • Change the angel of a stitch
  • Change stitch length
  • Add a Stitch
  • Delete a Stitch
  • Move a Stitch

Once you have installed the Advanced Editing software, you’ll notice that there are two icons on the upper left corner of your computer screen. The one on the left is for outline editing which will allow you to edit blocks that are sorted by color or stitching groups. The icon on the right is for adding, moving or deleting individual stitches.
To change the stitch type within a block:
1) Click on the left editing icon.
2) Click on the block in your design that you would like to edit. The outline of the block should highlight.
3) Right click inside the block and a window menu box will appear.
4) Choose and Click Embroidery Settings from the menu. A new window working box will appear.
5) Click on the Stitch Type tab.
6) Scroll though the settings and choose the one you like based on what you see in the preview window.
7) Click apply.
8) Right click and click ‘stitch it’ in the new window.
9) Click the editing icon again.
10) You can now go to VIEW and click Realistic View and it will show you on your screen what the block will look like with your chosen fill.

11) After you have completed all of the editing you would like to accomplish on a design, remember to save it!
Questions and Answers:
Q: When will HSN offer the extra software for those of us who already have a Futura?
A: We currently carry the following SINGER software items available here.(
Q: How do I download designs to my stick drive to use on the Brother PE770 with USB port?
1. Download a design in .pes from the internet site of your choice (Brother’s site is a great place to start)
2. Make sure you save this in a specific file that you make that you can easily access. Ex: My computer/ Local disc C/ Brother Downloads
3. Insert the USB drive into your computer and transfer the designs to your stick. Right Click on the design or file and ‘save to’ your USB stick.
4. Now insert the stick into your sewing machine and press the USB icon on the touch screen. Your designs should come up. You can scroll through and choose the one you want to stitch out
Next  month I’ll begin featuring the Draw Package, an AutoPunch built in add-on that comes in handy for improving the look of embroidered clip art and even drawing your own embroidery designs! Stay warm and try to sew something you enjoy each day~ See you in February!
Sew Your New Year’s Dreams,

by MarieNH on ‎01-17-2010 09:45 AM

darlene you have to project i tried to down load and wont
could you E-Mail it to me Jean Pirse I kept getting a err
thax Marie 01/17/10

by LisaMO on ‎01-18-2010 12:12 AM

Hello Darlene and everyone,
Well it is a new year and what a better way to kick it in to high gear??? Well just about a few hours ago I just purchased the new Quantum 500 Sewing/Quilting machine I got it today just in case it sells out!!! My SES-2000 is a dream come true it is so awesome and love to use it alot!!! I will be posting some of my things that I completed on HSN soon, I have them up on my facebook photo album!!! My Sewing parlor is nothing but Singer!!!

by CarrieIL on ‎01-19-2010 10:59 PM

Darlene, I can not seem to get the link to your new Wrist Rest project to work. I don't know if the error is with my web browser or your link. Thought you might like to check to make sure it is working properly. Thank you, Carrie

by GeorgeneSC on ‎01-20-2010 04:27 AM

Just wanted to let you know I think your adorable! You have such talent! I love all the things that you make on HSN! I think you should write a book with all those things in it! You come up with some wonderful ideas for things to make! I sew but nothing like you do! I try to watch when ever you are on the show! I also think you should have won when you were on that decorating show a few years back!

by LostinAZAZ on ‎01-20-2010 06:38 PM

Darlene,It's been about 20 years since I've sewed. Looking at all the machines out there is very overwhelming. I wanted a machine that would be able to do a little of everything. I want to take a class on quilting. See, I lost my mom a few years back and was hopping to using her clothing to make quilts for her young Grandchildren. I did end up buying a Brother HE240.(just got it in the mail today)But,Then I saw your presentation on the New Singer and now Im lost. Did I make the right choice?

by LisainMoMO on ‎01-21-2010 02:26 PM

Hello I just purchased the L-500 Tuesday and the machine is not here yet of course but will there be a extension table available for this model??? And I am curious about the SES-2000 I have a friend that purchased a SES-2000 the same time I did and I love mine alot but hers will not sew on fleece at all and she was doing seams I have not tried anything like fleece yet anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on??? Her feed dogs were raised so we are puzzled.

by 9342 on ‎01-22-2010 04:53 PM

Hi Darlene
I tried to get your Wrist Rest I wanted to try to sew it and the page is expired

by Pam on ‎01-22-2010 06:44 PM

For the wrist rest instructions, go to her own website. U will find all her projects there. The wrist rest is under 2010 January.

by KathrynSC on ‎01-23-2010 11:37 AM

Dear Lisa in MO Question? Does the SES2000 beeps when you forget to put the presser foot down? I sewed two pieces of fleece with one piece of quilters batting together on my CE150 with no problem even though the three layers that I was using made the presser foot appear to be in the down position. My CE150 beeps at me when I forget to put it in the down position. Other than that I had no problem sewing fleece together.

by LisaMO on ‎01-23-2010 02:31 PM

Hi Kathryn,
What I am going to do is try it with my SES-2000 with the same thing with two pieces of fleece and batting in the middle and see what it does. I just tried it with two pieces of fleece by itself and it had no problem. I am still experimenting with my machine I haven't only scratched the surface of what it can do I owned a CE-200 before and that one beeped at me for everything and really got annoying lol. But I love the SES-2000 alot!
Happy Sewing!!!

by DawnMI on ‎01-23-2010 11:12 PM

I am looking for an embroidery machine so I purchased the Brother HE240. I read all the reviews and the reviews were very favorable. After receiving my machine I decided I wanted a machine that would do a little more. I looked at the Singer CE150, however the customer feedback is not very possible. What is your recommendation? I have been sewing for 30 years, but this will be my first embroidery machine. I don't know if I should choose the Brother or the Singer CE150.

by JessCA on ‎01-24-2010 04:08 AM

Hi Darlene- I am considering purchasing the Singer SES 2000- but when I tried to look it up tonight I noticed it is no longer on the HSN site to view. Is this machinee no longer available from HSN? Wiil it be brought back on a later date? Thanks

by VickyIL on ‎01-24-2010 05:01 AM

Jess,the ses2000 is sold out right now.But it should be back in stock just keep looking on HSN web site. Dawn I've never embroidered before either but I got the Futura SES2000. contrary to what some people works wonderfully.I almost decided to send it back because of windows 7. Now I'm keeping it. Hope this helps. Vicky,Il

by KathrynSC on ‎01-24-2010 10:33 AM

Dawn, MI - The difference in the CE150 and the SES2000 is that the CE-150 only has 24 built in stitches and the SES2000 has 100 built in stitches. I love my CE150 but it only 24 stitches so I bought the Singer 7470 with the 173 built in stitches to compliment my CE150. I set up my CE150 for embroidry only. I use my Singer 7470 for most of my other sewing projects. Recommend the SES2000 - 3 machines in one. You will be getting more for your money and you will be very happy with it.

by LisaMO on ‎01-24-2010 03:01 PM

Hello ladies,
I know I love my SES-2000 and I don't regret the purchase! It does everything I need it to do and I have it set up for embroidery only and I am going to be using my Singer Quantum L-500 for all of my sewing, the sewing side will be used if I need a back up sewing machine. I think if you are going to do mostly embroidery the 150 would be fine but the SES-2000 is better cause it is 3 in 1 machine I will agree there.

by LisaMO on ‎01-26-2010 04:53 PM

Hey has anyone here or Darlene for that matter ever had a problem with button holes on fleece??? The reason why I ask I have a friend that is having problems trying to get button holes put on her jacket and having an awful time she has the L-500 and it just will not do it. Any ideas??? I am so anxious my Quantum L-500 will be here tomorrow yay!!!

by KathrynSC on ‎01-26-2010 07:57 PM

Lisa,MO - She needs to use Medium weight Interfacing inbetween the front and the inside trim piece or try a medium weight stabilizer - plus if she has the button holer with the metal plate then she will need to use metal plate along with the button holer. This should do the job.

by CherylNC on ‎01-27-2010 12:30 PM

Does anyone know if I can use the Singer Auto Punch, et al. software with the Brother PE-700 with USB port? I like the Brother software because it seems so easy to use. If I can't use the Singer software, is there an affordable design package that I can use with my Brother that is sold on HSN? i know that there are lots of independent digitizing design software packages out there but they tend to be very expensive and let's face it, you can't buy them on flex. I own an earlier copy of embi

by LisaMO on ‎01-27-2010 06:25 PM

Thanks Kathryn for the info on the stabilizer advice for my friend, Also my Quantum L-500 arrived today and I am going to be putting it through its paces for the next few weeks and this machine is sooo awesome!!! This machine is a class act it is one big machine!!! Thanks Darlene for your presentation of this machine!!! I have alot to learn with this machine but makes a nice addition to my sewing parlor!!!

by KathrynSC on ‎01-27-2010 07:46 PM

Cheryl,NC - I believe the software is prioritize, meaning you cannot use Singer Software with other embroidry machines. You will not be able to run the software unless the computer is hooked up to the the Singer embroidry machine. The software recognizes the computer board in the Embroidry Machine. It will recognize the different embroidry machine as being incompatible or send you an error message ie: machine not connected - please connect machine or machine not recognize.

by BFAL on ‎01-28-2010 01:00 PM

Hi Darlene,
I'm tring to learn the editing sortware. I followed your steps but the step...3) Right click inside the block and a window menu box will appear, doesn't happend. When I click the editing arrow it doesn't allow me to right click on the block. I tried to open the Embroidery Setting from the drop down menu at the top but it doesn't let me choose anything. Can you check those steps again? I am trying to adjust one of the designs from the 3900 designs disk.

by BFAL on ‎01-30-2010 05:07 PM

Does everybody checked Darlene's new Interactive blog? It is great! Well I am looking foward to the next Singer Futura special.

by KathrynSC on ‎01-30-2010 11:23 PM

Hi BF - AL, I will be getting business from co-workers who need their uniforms, shirts,Jackets,Pants seams and hems restitch,buttons, zippers replaced,etc. Fellow Officers seen how I went home with a busted zipper and came back to work with a new zipper installed. My Singer 7470 was shipped to my job so Everyone knows that I have a sewing machine and how good I can sew. I could use the extra money to buy more sewing supplies and to buy my daughter her first sewing machine.

by BF on ‎01-31-2010 01:55 AM

Hi Kathryn,
Grea idea! It will help you with a little extra for a great cause. I sitll remember how my Mom used to sew the dresses for my dolls. Those were the best gifts of all. She bought me my a machine 6 years ago and now although I still learning, her experience and gift had done so a great difference on my life. I have an extra income doing what I love, what can beat that?

by MildredMS on ‎01-31-2010 11:48 AM

Question- How can I do embroidery on a heavy denim blue jean jacket over the left pocket?
I've tried to hoop it several times. The name comes out crooked on the jacket. When I send the image to my Futura-CE250 the image looks clear on my computer screen. Any ideas you send will be greatly appreciated.

by 9342 on ‎01-31-2010 10:12 PM


by MaryLA on ‎02-02-2010 01:26 PM

I have a Singer Futura SES 1000 and I can't get my machine to do a threading that I can pull to gather, the stitch on 0 still stays tight. Can you help me with this.

by KathrynSC on ‎02-02-2010 09:48 PM

Dear Mary in LA, Years ago(and I'm not going to mention how long ago that was) we used a baste stitch to pull the threads to make gathers. Your stitch length needs to be adjusted to at least a 5. Once you get the gathers just right then you would stitch with a straight stitch with a normal stitch length. I hope that this helps.

by KathrynSC on ‎02-05-2010 07:04 PM

Dear BF in AL - I can't believe this. They have the SES1000 for sale at $799.95 with all the extra feet and attachments. I'm not sure if they are offering the extra software or just have the regular software. The SES1000 selling for less than the CE150. Just a heads up if you are in the market for another SES1000. What a Great Price for this machine.

by BFAL on ‎02-06-2010 02:28 AM

Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for letting me know. This is one of the best. I have it and one thing that Ireally love is the drop and sew bobbing plate. It makes a HUGE difference when you get used to it. I imagine you also have it, as me on your Singer 7470. Another great thing about the SES1000 are the extra feet.
I am saving for the SES2000 because of the software. I already have the editing software so my intererst is for the fonts and frames software. But only when if it go down again.

by BFAL on ‎02-06-2010 02:31 AM

By the way, Kathryn I bought the Serger book you recommended me. WOW!! Thanks, I haven't buy the serger yet but I had learn a lot.

by KathrynSC on ‎02-06-2010 11:55 AM

Hi BF,AL - I'm glad that you bought the book and happy that you are enjoying reading the book. This book is loaded with information on how to: pick out a serger, what to look for, using different types of threads, how to do different stitches, etc. Let me know which Serger you decided on when that time comes. On another note - The SES1000 comes with the different software and the Serger capabilities with the extra feet. Check it out!!

by KathrynSC on ‎02-06-2010 12:11 PM

Hey there BF,AL - I just got done checking the SES1000 out again - WOW!! You really need to check the SES1000 out again. This machine comes with the Serger capabilities including software you also get at least 18 different feet. To top it all of with - WOW - you get the extra Plate that normally is on the Singer 7470. This machine comes with 2 plates! This SES1000 is truely a bargin for $799.95. Even I would buy this just for all the different items that this machine comes with.

by BFAL on ‎02-06-2010 04:11 PM

Hey Kathryn,
I know you are right! I already have the SES1000 and the CE-150 without the embroidery unit. So, I already have all those extras and also the Editing software that the CE-350 brings. I really would like the SES2000 for the new software.But still waiting for a good deal, I have those two plus the 7470 so I am not on a hurry until I find the best deal.

by BFAL on ‎02-06-2010 04:13 PM

I also have the serger attachment but to be honest I don't like it very much. I hardly use it, for me is kind of a mess sometimes. Thats why I am planning on a serger machine soon.

by KathrynSC on ‎02-06-2010 09:48 PM

Hi BF, I know when you decide on which serger to buy you will enjoy it greatly. I brought my mothers serger home in 2005. It's a bernette made by Bernina Sewing Co. I love how the blade cuts the material nice and clean at the same time it sews a good seam. It handles heavy thick fabric with ease. One thing to look for in a Serger is a switch that turns off the cutting blade. This allows the serger to be used strickly for sewing. Enjoy searching for that ideal serger.

by Jill on ‎02-07-2010 01:12 PM

My best friend bought the SES2000 and called today to say she had let the feed dog down to start embroidering. It did a great job, and she's happy with it. But, when she was changing everything back to regular sewing, she flipped the feed dog switch and the feed dog will not raise. Anyone else ever had this problem? I told her maybe some of you who have one of these machines or one of the SES1000 might have had some experience with this at some time and could give some advice. Thanks.

by BFAL on ‎02-07-2010 03:47 PM

Are you talking about the feed dogs that you control underneath? with the sliding button? When she change it regular sewing is she moving the sliding button? After start sewing they should raise again.

by PamNC on ‎02-07-2010 06:38 PM

To Jill, Yes I had that problem and thought I was going to have to send it back. But after u flip the switch to raise the feed dogs, move the handwheel toward u and that will raise them up.

by KathrynSC on ‎02-08-2010 08:42 PM

Jill - This happened on my CE-150 for the first time, I had no problems ever since. I just turn the handwheel and they just pop back up. This happens more often on my Singer 7470. I just turned the handwheel toward me and the feed dogs reset themselves. When I use the lever in the back to reset the feed dogs the lever does not seem to work in getting the feed dogs up. I just don't worry about it. The feed dogs reset themselves each time when I turn the handwheel.

by jamee on ‎02-09-2010 03:42 PM

I cant figure out how when i buy an embroidery design online on how to get it to come up on autopunch. i have a singer futura SES2000.

by BFAL on ‎02-09-2010 05:30 PM

The new Feb blog is up at Darlene's Web Site

by BFAL on ‎02-10-2010 01:16 AM

Does your bernette by Bernina Sewing Serger have automatic needle threading system? I still researching for the serger :smileyhappy: I was planning to buy a good a cheap one and found a video online and got amazed with the threading system on sergers. But I think there are not a lot of sergers with that right now. I think I am spoiled with the Singer Futura & 7470. I remember my Mom asking me to thread her machine when I was younger.We are so sploiled these days!!

by KathrynSC on ‎02-10-2010 11:35 PM

Dear BF,AL - My Mom's Serger is so old that they no longer have the manual for it. No it does not have the Auto Threader. They have the old timey needle threaders that you use manually. You know the shiny metal ones that you stick one end into the eye of the needle then you put your thread into that then pull the threader out which pulls the thread back through the eye of the needle. I believe my Mother bought her serger in 1994(?) I'm not sure of the exact date. Yes we are spoiled these days.

by PEGGYOK on ‎02-14-2010 02:36 AM


by KathrynSC on ‎02-14-2010 10:54 AM

Peggy, OK, The CE350 and the SES1000 are not the same. The SES1000 only have 24 built in stitches where as the CE350 have 100 built in stitches. They both do the embroidry and you can make patches to sew onto bags, shirt sleeves, etc. The SES1000 comes with the serger capabilities with all the extra feet and software - A Big Savings. You get more for your money. Your Husband did a Great Job in choosing the SES1000 - He did Good.

by KathrynSC on ‎02-14-2010 11:35 AM

Peggy,OK, Your SES1000 comes with a Tutorial CD, This will guide you on how to do the embroidry. What helped me was to watch the demo. Down in the lower right hand corner is an arrow that you can click on that will enlarges the demo. Darlene Cahill did the demostration on the CE150. This will help get you started. You can look up in your local phone book in the yellow pages for Sewing. There are listings of sewing centers that teach sewing/embroidry. Hope that this helps you.

by debbyAR on ‎02-14-2010 12:45 PM

Next month is National craft momth! I an so looking forward to all the great craft and sewing shows on HSN. Does any one have any idea of the schedule for Darlene next month?

by PamNC on ‎02-14-2010 04:46 PM

The sewing dates for HSN should be 2/28, 3/1 and 3/28. I wish there were more.

by JessCA on ‎02-16-2010 06:02 PM

Does anyone know what the differences are between the Futura SES1000 and the Fytura SES2000?

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