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Hello, My Creative friends!
Guess what is just around the corner…. wedding season!  It seems every spring the invitations start arriving in my mailbox, and my calendar fills up with “save the date” cards. Some of you might even be planning your own wedding, or a helping your daughter, sister or friend prepare for that big day.
So here is the good news. If you own a Cricut Machine your wedding preparations just got a whole lot simpler. With the Cricut you can add your own special touches to many of the items you need for your special event. You can make exquisite invitations and save the sate cards; or save time and money by making the table decor for the reception. Items like place cards, dinner menus, and centerpieces can all be made to coordinate and reflect your personal style.
In fact if you need a little inspiration, I’ve included in this post a beautiful wedding invitation that was created with the Cricut. The instructions are easy to follow, and the only thing you need to do is to change the colors to match those that the bride has chosen.
Now if you are in my shoes, I will be a guest at quite a few weddings and that means I need great gifts. Yes, I could run down to the mall and grab something on the registry, but I would like to give something a little more meaningful. What could be more meaningful than something the new couple can use to decorate their home? Using the Cricut, I created some unique “Name Blocks” that my friends can display, and that will always remind them of their special day.
We’ve shown a lot of Provo Craft products on HSN this month and plan to show a few more before National Craft Month comes to a close. Check out the great Cricut Expression, Cricut Create, YourStory Photo, Cricut Cake, Cricut Cake Martha Stewart Crafts Edition, and Yudu CardShop bundles available and HSN and if you are looking for a few new cartridges, they’ve got plenty to choose from.
Much Love,

Wedding Invitation
This invitation is for the do-it-yourself bride.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Cricut Expression® Personal Electronic Cutter
Cricut® Florals Embellished cartridge
Cardstock: black, red, white, black and gray damask, black and cream damask
5" x 7" Black and white engagement photo
Ribbon: 3/16" red, 1 ½" red
Rhinestones: 14 white
Crystal hat pin
Ink: black
Corner rounder
Hole punch
Scoring tool
Paper trimmer
Foam squares
Wedding Invitation
1) Create envelope. Cut two 5 ½" x 12" blocks of red cardstock. Measure down 10 ½" on first block and adhere second block. Score 4" from both ends. Score again where pieces join. Round corners. Ink edges. Fold bottom 4" section up. Adhere left and right sides to bottom 8" section. This will create a pocket for the card. Cut one 5 ¼" x 3 ¾" block of black and gray damask cardstock. Round top corners. Adhere to front of pocket.
2) Cut card. Cut one 4 ¼" x 5 ¾" block of black cardstock. Cut one 4" x 5 ½" block of red cardstock. Cut one 3 ¾" x 5 ¼" block of black and cream damask cardstock. Cut white cardstock with wedding information on it to 3 ½" x 5". Ink all edges. Layer together. Punch a hole in card. Thread with 3/16" red ribbon. Place inside pocket.
3) Create photo mat. Cut one 5 ¼" x 7 ¾" block of black cardstock. Cut one 5 ¼" x 7 ¼" block of black and cream damask cardstock. Cut two 1 ½" x 1 ½" blocks of black cardstock. Cut in half diagonally to create photo corners. Ink all edges. Assemble photo mat and place engagement photo inside. Adhere to middle flap of envelope.
4) Cut one 5 ¼" x 3 ¾" block of black and gray damask cardstock. Round top corners. Adhere to top inside flap. Cut desired saying and back with black and cream damask cardstock. Ink edges. Layer together. Create two V’s from 3/16" red ribbon and adhere behind saying. Adhere to top inside flap as shown.
5) Cut one 5 ¼" x 3 ¾" block of black and gray damask cardstock. Round bottom corners. Ink edges. Adhere to top outside flap.
6) Cut filigree. Using Florals Embellished cartridge and black cardstock, cut one 2 ½" . Repeat cut using black and cream damask cartridge and Layer 1 feature. Using red cardstock, select Layer 2 feature, press Shift, and cut one 2 ½" . Repeat cut using black and cream damask cardstock. Ink edges. Layer together. Embellish with rhinestones. Adhere to top outside flap using foam squares.
7) Tie 1 ½" red ribbon around bottom outside flap as shown. Embellish with hat pin.

Wedding Home Decor
Use these beautiful blocks to display your name
Skill Level:  Easy
Time:  1 ½ hours

Imagine® Machine
Cricut® Electronic Personal Cutter
Audrey Imagine Cartridge
Cursive 101 Cricut Cartridge
Formal Occasion Cartridge
Gypsy Machine
Imagine Printable Vinyl
4 Wood blocks
4 different shaped knobs
Red brad
Black paint/sponge brush
Black/Grey damask cardstock
Cardstock:  white, red, black
Rhinestones:  red
Ribbon:  white polka dots, red polka dots, black/white stitches
Tulle:  red, black and white w/silver flecks
Wire:  silver and silver wrapped
Keys:  2
Hat pins:  1-red heart, 1-rhinestone
Metal heart
Nail file
Glue pen
Tacky glue
Paper trimmer
Foam squares
Piercing tool
Spray bottle of water
***Ink all edges unless otherwise noted***
1. Paint all wood pieces.  Sand the edges of the knobs.
2. Measure each block then cut those sizes out of the black/grey damask cardstock.  Adhere to the blocks.  Using nail file, sand all of the edges.
3. Using the wide red ribbon adhere to the back of each block.  Make sure the ribbon is at the same levels as each block.
4. Cut “SHAW”.  Using the Audrey Imagine cartridge as well as the Storybook cartridge fill the letter using the black and white damask pattern on the Imagine cartridge.  Using the printable vinyl cut one “S” at 6.3”.  Cut one “H” at 5.5”, cut one “A” at 7.3 and one “W” at 4.6”  Using the white cardstock, select the Shadow feature and cut one “S” at 6.3”, cut one “H” at 5.5”, cut one “A” at 7.3” and one “W” at 4.6”  Using the red cardstock select the “S” and cut one at 6.9”.  Select the “H” and cut one at 6.1”, cut one “A” at 7.9” and one “W” at 5.2”.  Layer together.  Tie black tulle on the “S” and then add four rhinestones.  Tie the silver covered wire along with two keys onto the “H”.  Add three rhinestones.  Using the white/silver tulle, tie around the “A” along with the silver heart.  Add three rhinestones.  Tie some red tulle around the “W” then add four rhinestones.  Using the foam squares you will adhere the appropriate letter to the block.
5. Cut the established and 2011.  Use the gypsy to weld the “established” together.  Use the Cursive 101 cartridge for this.  When welded it should measure 4.30 Wide and .85 in Height.  Use the red and white cardstock to cut them out.  Do not ink these pieces.  Using the glue pen glue together with the white on the bottom.  Then adhere with glue pen to the “W” block.  Add three rhinestones after the “2011”.
6. Cut the flowers:  Using the same black/white damask pattern from Audrey and the Formal Occasion cartridge, select Layer 1 feature and cut three at 1” .Lightly spray each flower and crunch in hand.  Let dry, then stack on each other.  Using a piercing tool, pierce through all three flowers and insert the brad.  Glue a red rhinestone on the top of the brad.  Do not ink edges until after the flowers are dry.
7. Decorating the knobs.  Tie a piece of the red/white polka dot along with the white/white polka dot ribbon on to the knob, then trim.   Tie a bow around the knob of the “H” then insert the two hat pins, then trim.  Adhere the flower on top of this knob.  Using the red tulle, black/white stitched ribbon and the white/white polka dot ribbon tie around the knob of the “A”, then trim.  Tie a piece of red tulle around the “W”.  Using the white/silver tulle, red/white polka dot and the black/stitched ribbon, tie around the knob, then trim.
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