A First-Timer's Guide to Self-Tanning with TanTowel P.S. It's Super Easy!

by beautynista on ‎03-03-2011 01:33 PM (1,495 Views)

Are you anxious for spring? Get a jump-start on your natural-looking tan without having to climb into one of those awful tanning beds! We met with Kim from TanTowel this week, and she walked us through the very simple application of her fabulous self-tanner formula! We even got one of our beauty gals, Gina, to test it out!
Gina has fair skin and was a little hesitant at first, but after only a couple of applications, she perfected her sun-kissed glow with confidence!
Using TanTowel is quick and easy, but because it was Gina’s first time applying, Kim walked her through these easy-to-do steps:
Please don't let the list-y steps scare you, we're just detail freaks :smileyhappy:


  1. Cleanse and exfoliate your body to make sure all those dead skin cells are off. Make sure you are using a water-based exfoliator vs. an oil-based exfoliator so that the oils are not left behind. You want the formula to grab onto your skin. If you are not sure which exfoliator to use, TanTowel has an excellent X-Foliator Kit Item #315839 with a 3-in-1 exfoliator, buffer and moisturizer! If you are tanning your face, make sure it’s clean and without makeup.
  2. Grab a wet cloth and lay it in front of you so that you can wipe your hands as soon as you are done tanning. If you forget to wash your hands, use the X-Foliator towelette to get your palms clean!


  1. Grab a self-tanning towelette – each is a pre-measured single application. Half Body towelettes are for your face and neck or arms and legs. Full Body towelettes are for head-to-toe tanning.
  2. To apply, simply wipe the tanning towelette in a circular, even motion all over your body. Don’t be afraid and don’t hesitate! (You should’ve seen Gina’s face when she realized applying TanTowels didn’t require difficult dance moves!)

Post Application:

  1. Wait two minutes after application, moisturize your body and then go ahead and get dressed. That’s what’s great about TanTowels – the formula goes on clear, so you don’t have to worry about tanning stains!
  2. Apply a lot of moisturizer. The more you apply the longer your tanning glow with last!
  3. Allow 2-4 hours to get maximum color. If you want to go a little darker, apply another TanTowel.
  4. To maintain your tan, reapply as needed 2 to 3 times per week.
  5. Enjoy your new fabulous glow!

Simple right? Gina and I were surprised that it was that easy and effortless - I even decided to give it a try! I’m heading on vacation, and I’m using the TanTowels right now to fade away my oh-so-obvious tan lines. And a little secret…these TanTowels smell great!
Don’t over-think it, and just get started. Say goodbye to those trips to the tanning bed, and say, "Hello!" to your very own at-home tanning solution!
On March 7th, we are premiering a great TanTowel 16-piece set as our HSN Today's Special, so let the tanning shopping begin!
P.S. Check out some before and after photos below!

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- Carla Shah, HSN Beautynista
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by mrsgoller on ‎05-08-2011 01:44 AM

love this product !! i am so pale tanning helps a lil but i love the color i get with this soooo thanx !!!

by Admirer 3 AGIKLCO Admirer 3 on ‎05-29-2011 03:52 AM

Tan Towels give you a great natural tan which develops in a few hours and last me for weeks! I you want it darker, reapply a few hours later. I had a good stash of them which were over a year old. Still got great results as if they were just shipped! It makes me look slimmer! Never streaks and the color is a perfect golden tan. I ordered another big set so I always have them now that I live in South Florida year 'round where sun protection is a must!

by wanda1 on ‎06-21-2011 10:06 PM

cgilbert, I have been using tan towels for years and absolutly love them. They really work and in a couple 3 hours you start to notice color. Most of the time I use my tanning towels before I go to bed and when I get up I have a golden tan. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

by vickyblue60 on ‎06-26-2011 12:30 AM

Love, love, love tan towels. Now I have a tan without risk of exposure to sun. I prefer to use disposable gloves that fit tight to protect my hands - cuticle will easily absorb the color. Have recommended to my friends. Will be a year round purchase for me.

by kawasaki07 on ‎07-01-2011 12:16 PM

make sure your knees are not dry because it will make them very dark.

by MATHENY on ‎07-03-2011 09:09 AM

like the product as a quick tan, but the product does wash off and you can not use on your feet as it will streak.

by flowerlady68 on ‎07-04-2011 01:34 PM

I LOVE the tan towels. I have tried so many self tanner lotions and I break out from them all. NOT with the Tan Towels. They are a god sent!I have pale freckled skin and do not tan easily so these tan towels are great. Never streak, so easy to use and not at all sticky like the lotions. I will never use anything else.

by shylilangel004 on ‎07-06-2011 12:42 PM

I ordered this product a couple weeks back to give it a try.
I have a mixed review about this product however, It's great for prom,weddings,and any special ocassions you may have or go to to achieve a nice quick glow, however I didn't really like how it's basically a spray tan. The only problem with spray tans is that when you get in the shower after three days of one use, it begins to peel off & you get these embarassing spots of white or your original skin tone where it has peeled off.

by Karen936 on ‎07-10-2011 01:51 AM

'Caused some lightly pigmented "brown" spots on my face which have been there for a week or two in spite of exfoliating and darker spots on my legs. I only had one small "sun spot" on my fave before using the tan towels and glow moisturizer. 'Would love to be able to use the sunless tanners and avoid sun exposure. Any thoughts or advice?

by KellynRod on ‎07-21-2011 03:22 PM

THIS PRODUCT WORKS! I've been using Tan Towel for almost a year now and will never use anything else again. I always tell people that I'm a "brown haired albino" if I don't sunless tan. I used Estee Lauder's sunless tanner and it didn't work half as well as this product. As with any tanner, it takes practice applying it to not get streaks. If you're very self conscious about not having a tan (or looking like a brown haired albino :smileyhappy:)- TRY THIS! You will not be disappointed.

by EWarner on ‎07-23-2011 02:01 PM

This product is amazing!! It is very easy to apply, just make sure you exfoliate very well, and it gives you a natural glowing tan! My customers at work asked me where I went on vacation, telling me my color was perfect...little did they know I didn't go anywhere on my vacation! Even my husband commented on what a nice tan I had!! He wants to try the tan towel for himself! I love this product and will be ordering it again!!! So excited that i decided to try it!! :smileyhappy:

by flowerchild863 on ‎08-15-2011 01:17 AM

I think tan towels are the best! I have never had them rub off on my clothing. They give a light golden tan that fades very naturally. A light tan is so much better than pale pastey skin. I always wear gloves when appying and then with a gloved hand apply lightly to the tops of my hands because they will turn your hands dark. I only apply to the tops of my feet and get great results! They have a very slight smell.

by QUEENETTE on ‎03-15-2012 08:34 AM


by jenny123 on ‎04-06-2012 11:01 PM

love the tan towels and have been on auto ship for several years until i got the postcard in the mail stating due to inventory issues they are unable to fullfill my auto program. thats it no explanation except that i can reorder another grouping. i guess they really love customer loyalty to a brand; i am sooo mad at the sudden stop that i am going to try the new tanning out from qvc and see what results i get from that one even though i love the results from the tan towels. :smileysad:

by debbieamethyst on ‎07-15-2012 03:22 PM

Hi! Can anyone help me with tan towels on this? I am a natural blonde with blonde eyebrows. Can I use these all over my face, including eyelids and eyebrows or will it look funky? I really don't want racoon eyes and am worried my eyebrows will get a weird color. I would be grateful for any help - Thanks so much!!

by Xennycat on ‎09-09-2013 10:10 PM

I cannot get the tan towels to work on me. They get all over my hands and I used gloves to change that. However, I cannot seem to do it withou streaking. Anyone have any good ideas for me?

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