lucky666 | Admirer | 10.16.2013 9:01 AM
I can't get on to Spin to Win.....Is anyone else having a problem?#-o
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flowerchild520 | Pro 2 | 10.20.2013 12:52 PM
I find this to be absurd. I won free shipping and the screen froze and I never got my coupon. I wrote HSN and no reply on this forum nor a coupon. REALLY A LOT OF FUN! Can you say scam.
flowers887 | Advisor 3 | 10.19.2013 9:39 PM
Thanks Krun 13--Let's remember that additional benefit--$5.00 coupon.
That's a nice prize too!!!
krun13 | Inspirer 3 | 10.19.2013 8:41 PM
There is also a $5.00 off coupon in the spin to win game. I won it I believe with 3 non matching symbols in a row of the 25 gift card, 15% discount and free shipping.
flowers887 | Advisor 3 | 10.19.2013 7:16 PM 1 Person Smiled

-We can earn $25.00;
-We can earn 15% discount;
-We can earn "Free Shipping";
-We can earn 100 tickets"!!!; and
-It takes three second to don't take this game down--it is fun and exciting...also we can see the different products!!!

- Now as suggested in another add to the excitement... it would be super nice that everytime we play Spin2Win we could win some amount of tickets!

-Now the suggestion to win a prize is nice too!

My overall impression of Spin2Win is favorable. We love it...!!!♥♥ It is the first game I play every morning!!!

It is nice to have some nice expectations of winning any of those prizes!!! KEEP SPIN2WIN permanently!!!!
mrbucket | Maven 3 | 10.19.2013 4:32 PM
Spin2Win is a farce. Playing to win a coupon for free shipping and 15% off. Free shipping on "specified" items only and not a regular priced item. 15% off coupon can be achieved by several means, one by signing up for their emails.
These are not "prizes" why bother playing this game. 100 tickets for a spin? Play the regular games and earn more than that for the time you spend on this game.
I'm sorry HSN but you make this sound like such a big deal when in fact the only winner here is HSN when people have to spend more money to claim the so called coupon you call a prize. Prizes like this, people can do without.
How about getting some worth while prizes that people can use in this giveaway, maybe a computer, a handbag, a pair of high heeled animal print shoes, an electric chainsaw for the guys, anything but a lame coupon.
flowerchild520 | Pro 2 | 10.19.2013 2:51 AM
I won a free shipping today on Spin2Win. Nothing happened, the screen froze and I didn't get my coupon. HSN help.
HSN | Manager | 10.16.2013 7:54 PM
I just played spin to win and won a free shipping. I clicked on the terms and it said the coupon was good from 6/27/13 - 8/31/13. ??????

Hi sikylar, thank you for bringing this to our attention! We checked your coupon and confirmed that it is good until 12/31/13. Regrettably, there was an error in your email which we have now corrected. We're sending you an email with the correct coupon rules. Thanks for playing Spin2Win!
Cindy819 | Maven 3 | 10.16.2013 7:35 PM
I just played spin to win and won a free shipping. I clicked on the terms and it said the coupon was good from 6/27/13 - 8/31/13. ??????

OOPS! That's not gonna work! LOL
sikylar | Inspirer 2 | 10.16.2013 7:19 PM
I just played spin to win and won a free shipping. I clicked on the terms and it said the coupon was good from 6/27/13 - 8/31/13. ??????
nurseworker | New Friend | 10.16.2013 12:35 PM
I cannot get on the Spin to Win either. When I click on it nothing happens! Don't know what I am doing wrong. Does anyone else know?
flowers887 | Advisor 3 | 10.16.2013 9:41 AM
I checked Spin 2 win and it works!
I love Spin 2 Win...are you using a "tablet" or a regular computer?
Maybe that could make the difference--I have not being able to use Spin 2 Win in my tablet; however, I can play Spin 2 win in my laptop.

BTW, thanks I won 100 tickets and I didn't know we were able to win tickets too, so it was a surprise.!!!

Enjoy the day and good luck!
krun13 | Inspirer 3 | 10.16.2013 9:27 AM
It worked for me - though I didn't win anything..........
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Inspirer 3
Posts: 349

RE: Spin to win

I was just going to ask the same thing--has anyone ever won anything besides free shipping?

It's one prize that would bring in money for HSN.
Posts: 5

RE: Spin to win

No I have never won any prizes except free shipping & the so call 15% off. I like I keep saying no 3 prizes on the wheels alike.
Inspirer 3
Posts: 740

RE: Spin to win

This spin2win is worthless. Why bother playing for coupons just so you have to spend money. That is not a prize.
HSN should be ahamed of themselves calling a % off coupon a prize when you can get that same 15% off by signing up for emails. I refuse to play this!
Pro 2
Posts: 1,928

RE: Spin to win

PiccadilySquare and mrbucket, if you don't want to buy things on HSN, then don't play the Spin2Win game. But this is a shopping site first and foremost, and HSN is offering a chance to get coupons to use when shopping.

The confusion about winning products in S2W happens every time S2W is revived on the Arcade. The first screen is pretty clear about what "offers" you can win. Nowhere does it say that you can win any of the HSN products that appear on the wheels.

If you want to win HSN products, enter the Rewards Sweepstakes and take your chances there.

But if you don't shop here, don't play Spin2Win.

And If you don't want to win a $25 gift card, or coupons for free shipping or 15% certain items, or 100 tickets, then don't play Spin2Win

But lots of people DO buy things here and can take advantage of the free shipping or 15% off. Twenty lucky people win the $25 gift card every day. It's not a farce and it's not worthless. It's true you can get a 15% coupon for signing up for emails, but that probably was a one-time coupon and many shoppers here signed up a long time ago.
Advisor 3
Posts: 2,509

RE: Spin to win

Boodlemum, you are absolutely right.

Let me add to your statement that not only we play here for free is nice that HSN provide us with the opportunity to earn some discounts in the SPIN2Win: we can earn $25.00; we can earn 15% discount; we can earn "Free Shipping"; We can earn 100 tickets" & $5.00 coupon every day until Christmas. That's a lot of money when you add it up.

Well...I'm sure that many people are grateful for this opportunity of SPIN2WIN.
Anyway I also love to see the products in that way too--if you click the product picture, the description appears in the right tab. Good post boodlemum!
Admirer 2
Posts: 39

RE: Spin to win

How do you earn 100 tickets in the S2W? I enjoy the game and look forward to it every day!:d/
Pro 2
Posts: 1,928

RE: Spin to win

vita1112, the first screen of spin2win says that you win 100 tickets if you get 3 non-matching offers in the center row at the end of a spin, so for example if you get a 15%, a free shipping, and a 15% off. It's really a consolation prize, because it's not that hard to get 100 tickets just by playing a few of the arcade games, but it's something. And from my experience, you have a better chance of getting 3 of a kind than 3 non-matching offers, don't know why.

Prior to this incarnation of the game in the arcade, you would get a $5 coupon for 3 non-matching offers. That's when the game was just available on the HSN mobile site.
Admirer 3
Posts: 68

RE: Spin to win

I've not had any problem with Spin to Win. I've won 15% off $50.00 as well as free shipping. :smileyhappy:
Maven 3
Posts: 6,918

RE: Spin to win

Has anyone else been having trouble with the wheels not turning on the Spin To Win Game :-k :-k
The Music comes & goes the wheels may start to spin but then the game freezes up & I get GAME OVER
I have never had these problems in the past when we had this game & I have won many 15% off coupons &
Free Shipping Coupons in the past but this time the game is totally malfunctioning & please DO NOT TELL
PLEASE HELP HSNhelp this is my 2nd post to you :-s :-s
Advisor 3
Posts: 2,509

RE: Spin to win

NO...I've not had any problem with Spin to Win.
Have you check for computer updates?
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