carylr | New Friend | 12.15.2008 3:37 AM
What's happening with Suzanne and her fashion line? I have been watching for a tee that she had last year and noticed that she has almost nothing in HSN. Has she gone the way or Daniel and Cervel? I am very curious.
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KATHY122 | Admirer 1 | 01.22.2009 3:48 PM
i also think it is supposed to be jewelry i got an email about her visit and they didn't mention any clothes. i think they should also bring back the satin pajamas i have never tried them but i would like to.
shannon1116 | Admirer 2 | 01.21.2009 11:45 PM
I would be soooo disappointed if they phased Suzanne out. I am wearing her blonde vavoom dress right now and received many compliments tonight. She just gets it -- she knows how to dress the middle-aged woman who wants to keep it young and fresh yet not look like she is wearing her daughter's clothes. It is more often the middle-aged woman who has the money to spend, not the young girl just starting out. There are alot of fashion lines coming and going at HSN right now. Suzanne fills a very specific need. IMO it would be a poor business decision to let her go and I for one will follow her wherever she ends up...
skyley | Admirer 2 | 01.21.2009 11:27 PM
Does anyone think they might slowly be phasing her out? I hope not but it seems that way.
JEN5276 | Admirer 2 | 01.21.2009 3:40 PM
I agree...what is going on ladies? I love Suzanne's fashions and am very disappointed that there have been hardly any this fall/winter. I do love what I did get though. What is going on HSN, Suzanne has a lot of fans and we love her stuff! :-s
MEL | Admirer 2 | 01.21.2009 2:31 PM
thanks mslomo :smileyhappy: I've been around..just not posting alot. I also miss so much all the old stuff! I'm sitting here still wondering what went so wrong...and how the consultants STILL don't have the new somersweet they are selling right now on hsn on their sites..I just don't get it.
MsLomo | Advisor 2 | 01.21.2009 12:39 PM
I agree, Mel. By the way, nice to see you again! I remember you on the "old" forum. I am missing SS's good pants and tops and shoes and boots!
MEL | Admirer 2 | 01.21.2009 10:50 AM
I don't see any new jewerly or clothes this visit...just protein drinks, bars and the easy gym and the facemaster according to an email I receive from suzanne regarding the visit. I also all ready have a february schedule and I don't think suzanne is listed anywhere in february. just not the same as it use to be :smileysad:
STARLIGHT | Admirer 2 | 01.20.2009 9:41 PM
Speaking of SS Jewelry, does anyone know why she stopped selling her higher end jewelry made with Sterling. I stopped buying since she no longer uses Sterling. Was then when she also stopped her lifetime warranty?

TIA to anyone with information.
MsLomo | Advisor 2 | 01.20.2009 6:10 PM
I think it's going to be pretty much jewelry (not interested in jewelry) and EZ Gym (already have). I don't see any new clothes this time, which is disappointing to me ... maybe next time.
devia | Inspirer 1 | 01.20.2009 4:22 PM
suzanne somers will be on hsn tomorrow wednesday-at noon...and also thursday...good-luck shopping and enjoy.....
cinnamon2003 | Admirer 2 | 01.18.2009 1:11 PM
Yes, I also heard she will appear on Oprah, January 28.
eley | Admirer | 01.18.2009 12:37 PM
I was wondering where she was also. I have lots of her things and miss seeing her on hsn. She is so fun to watch and I always get something when she's on. I too was a consultant briefly and was not impressed at all. I've done amway, mary kay and silpada, and the only one that was a great experience was silpada. Anyway, I love her books and advice and hope she comes back soon!
devia | Inspirer 1 | 01.15.2009 10:40 AM
i understood she will be back this month..she is also suppose to be on oprah...this month...
MEL | Admirer 2 | 01.15.2009 10:29 AM
I'm hoping she will be back like she used to at hsn soon as the suzanne consultant business is so obviously not working (I am one..for my own personal use) It's now more like amway (which I also was involved in a long time ago) and no communication at all is happening with youngevity and's really bad. If any consultants are out there and still happy about this sitution...that aren't brainwashed (amway)...please post here and explain to me what is going on good? seriously. I'm hoping for more suzanne, more time slots and back to weekend. Suzanne haters no need to respond for me :smileyhappy:
NUSH | Inspirer 1 | 01.15.2009 2:57 AM
I like her books on hormone issues. I only liked one pair of velveteen slacks I bought about 4 years ago. And her chocolate candy was good. I like the Face Master.

Her jewelry is cheap. I returned an ice cream maker because the teflon came off in the first use. Her face cleansers were harsh.
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RE: What has happened to Suzanne

TEARDROPS, What happened to Daniel Kivat? Have they dropped the Maggie Sweet clothng line? I haven't been keeping up with HSN and QVC all that much and after reading your post I realized I hadn't seen Daniel for a long time. What happened?
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RE: What has happened to Suzanne

MEL~She needs to clean her house up before she tries to go ANYWHERE!
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RE: What has happened to Suzanne

When she first started her jewelry line and Somersize program, she was great. When everything was expanded, the greed was showing and it was obvious. I liked the shows with Suzanne and Colleen, but noticed over the last few years that Colleen was distant. You are right, it was a child and a parent relationship and it was embarassing after a while. The deceit really bothers me. Remember when Oprah was deceived by 2 authors? One that was on the show for the second time and admitted everything? The second author was a survivor of the Holocaust? I hope Oprah is on guard.
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RE: What has happened to Suzanne

did anyone watch the oprah show with suzanne somers on it...??it was pre-recorded...
"smile it's free"!!! "gotta -love-it" !!!!
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RE: What has happened to Suzanne

I'd also like to see Suzanne's clothing back. Leslie rocks.
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