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Suzanne Somers Cowl Dress

Hi everyone. Has anyone recieved their Suzanne Somers Cowl Neck Dress? I was Just wondering.

I really liked the Dress and cannot wait to wear it for Thanks Giving.

TIA, GoatGoat
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RE: Suzanne Somers Cowl Dress

I did receive the SS cowl dress and must say that I, too, love it. The fabric is so soft and comfy but the pockets sent it over the top for me! I will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner and must thank you for the idea of wearing it for that holiday as I received the nice milk chocolate color. As a blonde, I like Suzanne's browns. They tend to be on the softer side which works well for me. :d/
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RE: Suzanne Somers Cowl Dress

I got mine today in the plum. I really love it too, especially the length I'm 5'4") and sleeve length. It's very flattering on my hourglass figure. Unlike you Shannon, I could live without the pockets, but overall I give it two thumbs up.
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