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Sporto Boots

Good morning,
Does anyone own any Sporto boots? Are they well made? Is their sizing true to size? Are they comfie? Are they really waterproof? Thanks in advance!!o:smileyhappy:
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RE: Sporto Boots

I have several pairs of Sporto boots that I have purchased over the years. They are very comfortable. As to the waterproofing, I don't recall if the pairs that I own have that feature. I just ordered the grey Sporto boots from HSN. I guess I will determine with this new pair if they are, indeed, waterproof.

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RE: Sporto Boots

Best looking boots anywhere for the price, own three pairs and just bought the tall boot in black yesterday!
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RE: Sporto Boots

Sporto makes a good boot. I've bought them for years and if they say they are waterproof, they are. They are also very comfortable which is great if you are caught outside for a long time because the train is late and all that. Another thing - they last a long time.
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RE: Sporto Boots

I love SPORTO boots. I have 2 pair and they're nice looking, well made and waterproof. Mine have faux fur lining, and they're really warm.
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RE: Sporto Boots

I have 2 pairs of waterproof sporto boots. I like the way they look with my dress pants for wet and cold mornings. Living in the Northeast makes these boots very useful. They fit well (I wear size 12) and hold up beautifully. Yes, I have submerged them in a puddle up to the ankle and my foot was dry. I highly recommend.
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