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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

I bought a sleeping beauty turquoise ring set in 10k about a year ago. I wore it for maybe a month then put it in my jewelry box. Today I put it on and the color of the stone has changed. It lost the light blue color it was and just looks like blue plastic. I didn't put it in any cleaners. I am disappointed that I spent more money to get this "special" stone. Anyone else notice this?

I just looked up a Jay King piece and found this disclaimer "Gemstones and pearls are sometimes treated to enhance their natural beauty" it said to keep turquoise away from chemicals, persperation and heat. I don't think this disclaimer was on my ring because it would be pretty hard to follow all those rules with a ring, I wouldn't have purchased it.
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RE: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

I have some Sleeping Beauty turquoise and it isn't treated at all. I bought it many years ago in Arizona and it has held up fine. If turquoise is of excellent quality it doesn't need all the enhancements. I'm surprised your ring has changed colors, it makes one wonder what goes on with gemstones that we don't know about? So sorry to hear of your problem. Maybe others can shed more light on this subject as I really don't care that much for turquoise and only have a few pieces.
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RE: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Touq. will sometimes changed color over time if it isn't "stabilized".Look for that word in the description..My only Torq piece that has changed a little in a silver necklace..Treat your "un-stabilized" or unknown tourq in a little bag like pearls..My gold ring I think I bought at HSN has held up great but I keep my rings apart by using a large ring box bought at any jeweler, holds about 50 rings. I don't think HSN has one but if so, buy it..Keeps the rings from bumping..I have every gemstone known by man, and some of the rings/pendents I made myself..but Touq and Pearls are touchy..Look for STABILIZED...most is now, but not so in earlier years, especially sleeping beauty..
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RE: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

I have an incredible Sleeping Beauty Turquois necklace with a lot of gold in it. It is so beautiful it looks fake. In fact, I thought it was and gave it to my 29 year old daughter. Then I saw it on one of HSN's jewelry advertisements and it was real gold and not fake. I told her if she didn't wear it could I have it back. She said, "Sure, I didn't like it anyway. So, what do you have for me?" Ha!
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