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Question about Betulas?

Are they all now made in China versus Germany? Just curious. They still are cute sandals/clogs and I love the funky designs but wished they were true to their German beginning I guess:-" I love the out there designs though and Birkies and Betulas do a very good job of providing alot of playful sandal/clog designs.
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RE: Question about Betulas?

I have never noticed whether if my Betulas were made in China or not. I have become more and more skeptical of buying items made in China. The following is an example of poor quality from China.

Chinese Drywall Lawsuit

Southwest Florida homes and office buildings built between 2004 and 2006 are reporting unpleasant odors and electrical problems from defective drywall made in China.
Drywall is the board used to make interior walls. Owners of new homes have reported a rotten egg smell – several have had to leave their homes because the smell was so bad. In addition, homeowners report corrosion to their air-conditioner coils, computer wiring, metal picture frames, and many are worried that the fumes could cause health problems from chronic exposure. According to a report, homes built in southwest Florida by Lennar and Taylor Morrison are at the center of many of these complaints, although it is suspected that other builders may have also used the defective drywall. A test conducted by Environ International on some of the Lennar homes last year found three gases – carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide and dimethyl sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide, a particularly dangerous compound that causes the rotten egg smell, was not found in Environ’s air tests, but it was found in previous testing that the company conducted on the drywall itself.

This is probably overkill on this discussion board and who knows how the Betula's are made, perhaps they have specific standards and have QA before they are sold.

As more and more comes out about China's poor manufacturing standards, I tend to stay away from products made in China if I can.
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RE: Question about Betulas?

I love the different designs too, something I can't find in any store in the Phoenix area for sure. The Betulas hold up well for me, one pair I wear almost every other day and have done so for 3 years now and they are still great. Made in China or not, they hold up pretty well.
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