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Gemporia (Rocks TV - aka RTV)

Has anyone checked this station out for genuine gemstone jewelry? They are based out of the United Kingdom and owned by the same person who started Gems TV out of Reno, NV a few years ago. Prices are amazing, presenters are humorous and super knowledgeable, and shipping is $5.95 all day (one charge from midnight ET to 11:59 PM ET). They are on DirecTV, Dish, and most cable companies except Time Warner. They have British styles so you don't see the same jewelry everywhere. I would definitely check them out if you have a chance. Their customer service is better than just about any company in the US.
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RE: Gemporia (Rocks TV - aka RTV)

Heartily recommend for their 14k, 10k, 18k yellow and white gold selections and values. I'm not a silver buyer so I have to pass on a lot of really great gemstones that are only offered in silver settings.
They have special gemstone collections that are not easy to find from the US shopping channels (Minas Gerais Kunzite, Australian Opal, Brazilian Morganite, Siberian Emerald..). They disclose all metal and gem weights and country of origin.

The first order and every third order ships with a gemstone encyclopedia, and other stuff.

Shipping speed is advertised as 4 to 8 business days, but I have received my orders within a calendar week of ordering. Orders are processed through USPS from NY, so you have to estimate shipping from NY to your state for an estimate.

Returns are hassle-free (mailed to a NY return address and you're not refunded the return shipping), and the initial $5.95 shipping charge is not refunded unless there is a defect. Standard 30 day return policy as all the other shopping channels.

Price match tested personally several times - for any item presented at any time after your purchase for a lower price - call the phone number for the difference to be credited to your account.

Oh - one more very important thing - do not order from website but from the live auction or timed auction sections: since all prices are very much lower when presented for auction (and for an hour after).

I probably sound like a paid spokesperson - but I am just an amateur collector....I love my Heidi Daus, and Mine Finds and NYCII and Gems En Vogue jewelry and RocksTV offers another selection of gemstones from nature...

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Re: Gemporia (Rocks TV - aka RTV)

Rocks TV has amazing prices and quality. Its family owned and operated. Steve, the CEO, is also the one who sources the gemstones, thereby cutting out middlemen. His wife is the designer and his kids are on the broadcasting end. This is why their prices are so much better. They do not sale anything manmade or synthetic. Most everything is in silver or gold, no cheap gold plating crap. They are much better priced than other channels. Plus, all their pieces come with certificates of authenticity that show where each piece came from and its carat weight. They also have a greater variety of gems.
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Re: Gemporia (Rocks TV - aka RTV)

Hay everbody! I dont really have a reply to anything just something i thing everone should know. I love gemporium and ever piece of jewlery i have gotten from them. But i am verry undesiseve about which pieces i get(i love all of them realy) im a singel mother and have a $9.00 an hr job. i save a little money ever week to buy me something beautiful ill order something then see something else i like better so ill call and cancel. They say you can do this....even on air.I have spent thousands in the last 4 months!! And love each and ever piece...BUT i tryed to log on this morning and i have been KICKED OUT OF GEMPORIUM!!!!!!!!! Because of too many canceld orders.(They said) apparenyly there is a limmit on how many orders you can cancel.Did anyone know this? Cause i shure didnt!!! I would have been more careful with what i orderd and made sure that THAT was WHAT i wanted.I didnt even get a warning about this!! I have sent an e-mail explaining my situstion. I realy hope this is resolved soon. I love my jewlery channel dont know what ill do if i cant buy any more! I still need to find my mother a mothers day present and i have it saved in my basket i was just waiting till i had the money saved up. BUMMER!!!!! So all you undeciseve gals out there becareful on what you order and cancel or yuo may be KICKED OUT of Gemporium!!!

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