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Flex-pay payment options...

I noticed no Flex- pay options on Heidi's new pink online items. I wonder if anyone else has noticed less options on their last few items looked at...:-" :-k
Heidi crystallized my world! Enjoy the sparkles!
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RE: Flex-pay payment options...

Yes, I've notice less flexpays and also fewer flexpays on each item (i.e., 2 flexes instead of maybe 3 flexes on a $100 item). I think it's a sign of the hard times. When a company needs cash, they're not going to spread their income out into the future. Also, with individuals having a hard time with their credit cards, it becomes riskier business to extend payments so far into the future. It's funny, though, as HSN cuts back on their flexpays and increases their S&H charges, I've noticed just the opposite happening on the "other" channel.
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