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Clearance with flexpay

Why can't we get flex pay on clearance items??? I have about 5 handbags on my wish list, but even at $40 a pop need the flex pay to help out. I think I'd purchase more if I could spread it out a little.:-k
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RE: Clearance with flexpay

Not everthing is on flex pay, but I've gotten flex pay on lots of clearance items.
It just depends.
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RE: Clearance with flexpay

In the past, I have purchased many "clearance" items on flex pay, however, I have noticed that the flex pay option is not offered as much anymore on clearance items. It seems like most of the items I seem to pick out, that are on clearance, ARE NOT on flex pay. I agree with the other comment, that I would definitely buy more if the payments could be spread out. Let's face it, $40 here, $30 there will definitely add up fast!

Hugs & Blessings! ~Carrie
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RE: Clearance with flexpay

I agree about flex pay....wish there was more on the clearance items...thats how I got my wd butterfly bag...otherwise I couldn't have done it....

love the flex pays....:d/
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