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Brass in Studio Barse jewelry

I have purchased several items from this line, and overall like it. I even find doing some of the metal in brass is different and interesting. However, Melanie, from Studio Barse kept referring to the price being cheaper than sterling silver.

Come on, let us think that you are just creative and different. Don't make us think it's being done for price. It sounded tacky to me.

Daisy [-x
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RE: Brass in Studio Barse jewelry

Well if she didn't say it, you can bet someone else would.
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RE: Brass in Studio Barse jewelry

I am actually really liking a lot of the pieces in the bronze and copper, and I'm surprised more of the jewelry lines haven't started using alternative metals (I think there's one other line on HSN that does, but I can't remember which one). The prices are great, but it makes me kind of sad because they are using the metals not because they are different and stylish, but because the noble metals have skyrocketed so. :-({|=
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RE: Brass in Studio Barse jewelry

Robert Lee Morris (a famous NY runway jeweler and also on sold on the other network) has benn working in alternative metals for a while. (b4 all this gold silver run-up), but The Problem with his beautiful work, and all others I'm afraid, is that brass and copper are hard to clean, tarnish more quickly than silver and react to skin acids making it more likely to turn the skin dark.
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