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A. J. Valenci

What is happening with A J Valenci shoes and boots? It looks like HSN is not getting in anything new-does anyone know if A J Valenci shoes and boots are being discontinued?
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RE: A. J. Valenci

I would be very surprised if AJ Valencia isn't coming back. You are right that there isn't much on their page right now. I just love their TS I think from last fall. I hope they have a TS soon and new styles coming in ;-);
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RE: A. J. Valenci

I'be been waiting for the new AJ Valenci fall lineup I will be really disappointed if they dont return Very cute styles and good prices HSN please bring them back[-o<
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RE: A. J. Valenci

Another popular vendor with great shoes/boots that HSN dumps!! They want us to buy their high-priced "styling" stuff. So many good vendors (Terry Lewis, AJ, Maggie Sweet,etc.etc.) gone from this shopping channel. Who cares what the customers want???:-({|=
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