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Trackfone lg 840

#-o Im trying to record a message on my voicemail.. But its using up my minutes.. Will this eat up minutes as the receiver leaves a brief message back on my voicemail? #-o Where do i find my password or code is tellin me on my landline phone so i wont use my minutes....
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RE: Trackfone lg 840

Any voice call to or from your TracPhone mobile will cost minutes. It also costs minutes when you text, but that's at a lower rate than voice calls. (3 texts = 1 voice call.) Picture Messaging and Voice Texting costs, too. Contact TracFone CS for exact rates.

As I explained in another post on another thread in this Electronics Forum, you can save minutes by accessing your voicemail via landline. The Password that they reference is the one you selected when you set up your TracFone voicemail account. Call CS if you've forgotten it. Using your mobile phone, just dial "1" or Speed Dial #1 to access voicemail. The prompts on that menu should give you re-set instructions.

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