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I purchased my Samsung T301G with 1000 minutes less than a year ago. I have 200 minutes and 111 service days left. I knew I would need to add minutes and so happen when I tuned in to HSN they were offering a TracFone (W376 Motorola) with 1000 minutes. I contacted TracFone to inquire about how much it would cost to add minutes; I was told that 800 minutes would cost $99.99. I also asked if I would be able to transfer my minutes over to my old phone, because I still have over a year warranty. The representative informed that I would be able to transfer my new minutes to my old phone. When I received my new phone 10/28/10 I contacted TracFone and gave the person all the information he requested. At the end he stated it would not go through and placed me on hold. He said he went to double check and was told that I would only be able to transfer my old minutes to my new phone. I wanted to double check myself and forwarded an e-mail to TracFone. I am waiting for a response. I am hoping they would transfer the minutes to my old phone, because it would save me money and I don’t like new W376 Motorola phone. The new phone also came with a phone case and a car charger. If I can’t transfer my minutes to my old phone, I will be returning the phone to HSN.
I will contact HSN and request that they offer Samsung TracFone every year. I use to own a Samsung cell phone. I only used my phone for emergencies and was on a plan (sprint to sprint). So, I paid monthly for minutes didn’t carry over. I still have 200 minutes and over 111 service days left. One thousand minutes a year is enough minutes for me.
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