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Thrive tablet - do you need antivirus??

We haven't got ours yet - but wondering to those that do have the Thrive - how is it working for you?

Do you have to put antivirus on it? Is a special type of program - meaning specially made for tablets versus regular PCs?

Thanks so much

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RE: Thrive tablet - do you need antivirus??

Meezergeezer, The Thrive comes with an app for Karpensky, which was developed I think for the android tablet. I haven't activated it yet.

Re the loving it. It is fast, responsive, video and sound are great (watched NCIS on it the other night), easy to set up and once I loaded my password for the wireless network, the tablet hooked right up to it. I have not had a problem with the tablet freezing like I did with the Nextbook nor any of the other problems I encountered with that tablet. In fact (knock on wood) I haven't had one problem with the Thrive. The other great thing about it is it is made by an established company who knows the value of customer support. Updates are timely and are received automatically - not like other companies who fail to provide updates ie Nextbook. Toshiba has a forum on their website dedicated to the Thrive. It is an active forum and I have found it very helpful.
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RE: Thrive tablet - do you need antivirus??

If you are getting it from HSN, it comes with Trend Micro security software. It's part of the software package that HSN included. You download it from their website. I read on another message board that the Karpensky app is no good--apparently after the trial period it keeps bugging you to sign up for the pay version and you can't get rid of it, or something. Personally, I'm very impressed with this tablet. I haven't had any force closure or freezeups like I did with the two different Nextbooks I had to send back. It's a little heavier than some (the cover that comes with it is surprisingly heavy too), but you get all the inputs you need so it's worth it IMO. I've never tried out the mega-expensive tablets out there, but at this price this one is great. It's faster to turn on and surf the net than my dual core laptop and the battery lasts a long time between charges. I had mine on for over 10 hours and it still had 15% left. You can even use it as a standalone GPS when you don't have a wifi signal, so you don't need one of those. So yes, I'd recommend the Thrive. I can't wait to find all the cool apps.

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RE: Thrive tablet - do you need antivirus??

I am also loving my Thrive. It is awesome!!! Very responsive and quick. I added a 32GB SD card to mine and am looking for a neoprene case. The cover it shipped with is weighty and bulky but can be used like an easel so not a total loss. I am reading that tablets are starting to be targeted (*,)
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