Sadie1591 | Admirer 1 | 11.11.2012 8:09 PM
I purchased 2 TS LG840G phones. Has anyone had problems with activating their new Tracfones in the past? I read some horrible reviews about Tracfone and their service. I hope I haven't made a mistake by ordering these phones.
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KERIGA | Inspirer 1 | 11.17.2012 11:10 PM

Congrats, junebugabuski! I'm so glad it worked out well for you.

"UPS camel train" - LOL, mooncat7. Perhaps the UPS Turtle Express is a more accurate description? So sorry your LG 840 G didn't arrive and won't be there 'til Monday. I guess you tracked your shipment online and that's where you got the ETA. Mine shipped from Woodbridge, VA (Does HSN have multiple distribution warehouse sites nationwide?) to southeastern USA and the UPS driver was ringing my doorbell at 10 AM last Thursday. Not bad for a weekend order. I was astounded at how quickly it arrived. When yours finally arrives on Monday and you've had time to explore the features, you'll probably agree that it was worth the wait. Enjoy.

I don't know about making your own music a ringtone. You'll probably have to call CS for that.

mooncat7, you asked about third party ringtones. It's been more than a year since I last checked, but at that time customers were restricted to the TracFone ringtone library only. It has improved and expanded greatly over the years, with many more selections than it used to have. A word of warning, however, preview the music before you buy it because they don't give refunds if you DL the wrong one. For example, as a Verizon customer years ago, I had Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" as my ringtone. NET10 and TracFone didn't even offer ringtones way back then. Later, I was thrilled to see that title offered, but when I sampled it online, to my dismay I found it was actually some hip-hop cover of the classical piece. Finally, after a few years, TracFone now offers a version similar to the one that I had originally with Verizon.

To answer your other questions:
*the SIM card (that allows you to connect to the TracFone network) comes pre-installed.
*there's a 2 GB micro-SD card that's also pre-installed. If you need more storage, you can swap it out for a larger capacity (up to 32GB) card.

I haven't used my phone as a music (supports all formats except DRM) player, but one feature I miss on the LG 840 G is the radio that was on the LG 800 G. Oh, well - no radio compared to all the upgrades on this new model - it's only a minor issue. The same earbuds still fit, however.

junebugabuski, that's an excellent suggestion about searching on your computer. It's much easier than on the phone itself, but I was able to locate my desired ringtone easily on the phone this time mainly because I knew from experience where it was. I've used getjar apps on my Toshiba Thrive. Have you DL-ed getjar apps to your LG? How well do they work? Which ones have you used?

junebugabuski | Admirer 1 | 11.17.2012 10:05 PM
Keriga: Yee Haa!!! It worked! I was going to play around with it some more today and figure it out but figured I would check on line and low and behold was your answer! Thank you sooooo very much! It really is a cool phone. I think everyone will really enjoy it. Really like you can use it as a music player and it has a really good sound to it! more question but I think I can already answer it...Can I make my own music a ringtone? When I go to the music part I do not see anything that will let me do it. Will wait for your answer. Also, getjar website it great for apps but word of advice to everyone out there..go on your regular computer and look at what you want and then do a search on the phone getjar website on your wifi and it will be a lot easier. Again, to everyone out there...enjoy the phone!
kavdek | Admirer | 11.17.2012 10:04 PM
TracFone and Net 10 service is REALLY bad (same company) and in my experience its not gotten any better over the years. If I get a bad one, I hang up and call again. Chances are good that on the second call I get someone who can fix the problem. For me, the phone and the value are greater than my aggravation dealing with them. Since I rarely (knock wood) have issues with the phone (and I love my phone) it's been tolerable. When the aggravation becomes greater than the value of the phone, I'll find another carrier. Despite the inconsistencies in customer service (some good and some bad), the prepaid system from the HSN and TracFone works for me.
mooncat7 | Admirer 2 | 11.17.2012 3:07 PM
KERIGA, thank you so much for the extremely thorough & helpful info! I'm waiting impatiently for my 840G, which is apparently arriving by UPS camel train, as it won't be here until Monday. I'm jealous of those who have them already. I'm not new to semi-smart phones, but completely new to Tracfone, so I'm going to refer to every bit of your info for my set-up.

Does Tracfone allow you to purchase third-party ringtones?

Also - stupid question - I was reading the online tutorial & it tells you how to insert the SIM card & battery - but the HSN info says nothing about a SIM card being included in the box. Is the SIM card already in the camera when it arrives, or will I have to insert it, and it's not mentioned on HSN because it's a given?
KERIGA | Inspirer 1 | 11.17.2012 3:49 AM

Yes, junebugabuski, you can assign specific ringtones to your various contacts.

To Customize Ringtones
1. Open CONTACTS and select EDIT.
2. At the end of the first set of fields, select MORE FIELDS.
3. Below WEB ADDRESS and GROUP, select RINGTONE.
4. You'll see CHANGE RINGTONE.
5. Choose either DEFAULT or CUSTOM.
6. Under CUSTOM, a drop-down menu will present your options. Select from the list or you may purchase ringtones from TracFone. Your purchased ringtones will appear here on the drop-down menu for you to apply to the CONTACT(S) of your choice.

I've found from my previous LG 800 G, that the online TUTORIAL and INSTRUCTION MANUAL provide basic information, but both need some tweaking. Even the Tech Support Rep agreed, as in the case of turning off the dialpad voice, that there are some items that are simply not mentioned there or even in the training tools they're given to assist customers.

With Bluetooth, I learned from before that the manual never makes it abundantly clear that to transfer data, in addition to turning ON Bluetooth, the device must be VISIBLE, too, and you must remember to allow the pairing in order to share info.

Glad to help. All of us benefit when we share information based on our personal experiences.

junebugabuski | Admirer 1 | 11.17.2012 2:51 AM
Thank you for the information (person above my post:smileyhappy: especially the bluetooth..thought I could do it but customer service said no but with your tips got all my contacts on my new phone. Really having fun with it. Also to download music tip: you can use a kindle ups cord...the kindle one has a micro connector and it fits. Music downloaded really easy from computer.

Am trying to figure out if I can put certain ringtones with certain contacts like my other LG phone but do not think so..if you can will someone please tell me how.

Really enjoying the phone...really like the wifi connection.put all my email, facebook, etc. on it. Customer Service was fine but did give out wrong information but since I already activated my previous phone (over the internet) I kind of knew what was going to happen...wanted to keep minutes so talked to customer service this time. But they were very nice and helpful.

Hope everyone is enjoying their phone as much as I am.
KERIGA | Inspirer 1 | 11.16.2012 11:07 PM

I've been playing with the LG 840 G TS for about 24 hours now and I must say that I'm really impressed with this phone. I'm a TracFone veteran of approximately eight years (before that I had TracFone's sister company, Net10 after switching from Verizon.) Prior to the LG 840G, I had the LG 800 G. The LG 840G is responsive, intuitive, fully functional, feature-laden and really quite beautiful. This newer model is a quantum leap forward. The 3G wi-fi alone is worth the price. Other nice upgrades are the multiple homescreens (just like a tablet), adjustable text sizes (yes, you can actually see things on this phone without reading glasses) and the larger screen, especially beneficial for websites and maps. This was truly an outstanding model and an exceptional value.

There are a couple of active threads about this product and various attendant issues. I'm a former consumer reporter and I'd just like to share some insight that may help new users navigate the phone and TracFone Customer Service.

This has vastly improved in recent years. I was a customer who complained about not being able to understand the CSRs (yes, the operators are off-shore) but coaching has improved and now they speak and understand English very well. They're polite, patient, professional and knowledgeable. You may be asked to do a brief Customer Satisfaction Survey at the conclusion of your transaction. Take the 2 or 3 minutes and do it. The way CS has improved shows that this company is responsive to customer needs and seeks to improve. Also - if your wait time to speak with a CSR is longer than a few minutes, there's an option to have them call you back so there are no interminable waits on hold.

If you follow the instructions exactly as printed on the package insert, you should have absolutely no problems in getting your phone activated, whether you're a new customer, porting your number from another wireless carrier or an existing TracFone customer. Call the number from another phone (not the one you're attempting to activate) and they'll walk you through it. They'll give you 10-20 minutes upon activation. Hint: be extra nice to the CSR and you'll get the maximum amount. By the time I hung up, my new phone was activated and all my existing minutes and airtime had transferred.

If you have any unresolved issues with TracFone, complete the online form and within 24-48 hours, you'll get a call from a member of the Executive Resolution Team. They'll do everything in their power to grant you a satifactory outcome. In extreme cases, they'll even add additional minutes and airtime if you believe you haven't been treated fairly or properly by the CSRs or it's taken an extraordinarily long period of time to resolve your issue(s).

Remember that the bonus is offered through a third party, The Wireless Center; not HSN or TracFone. First activate your phone with TracFone CS. Then call the Wireless Center number included in your package and as a previous poster indicated, be sure to have your HSN order number, zipcode and TracFone wireless number available. This system is completely automated, so you're not even interfacing with a CSR. My bonus minutes appeared within seconds. 01/31/2013 is the absolute deadline for adding the bonus minutes; no excuses, no exceptions, no exemptions. If you snooze, you lose and you won't get your bonus 200 minutes. Someone complained on this forum last year about calling several months past the clearly and explicitly stated registration deadline and became irate that The Wireless Center wouldn't add the extra minutes. It's a deadline - put a Reminder To Self if necessary on the calendar in the phone so that you don't miss it.

This is quite possibly the best feature on the phone. You don't use minutes if you're within range of a wi-fi router or hotspot. Open wi-fi, flip the indicator to the ON position. Almost immediately it'll connect to your home network, for example, just like your laptop or tablet. Enter your password and within a couple of seconds, after clicking on BROWSER, you're surfing the web wirelessly and free - you're not using your minutes. Of course, it goes without saying that a router is essential. Someone complained on this forum that web-browsing wasn't free and s/he was returning the phone. Perhaps because s/he didn't connect to wi-fi? Perhaps because s/he didn't have a router? Rule of thumb: think, use common sense before complaining.

If your previous phone has content that you want to/need to transfer to the new one, turn on Bluetooth. Pair your devices. After they recognize each other, make sure that your settings are at MAKE MY DEVICE VISIBLE FOR 3 MINUTES (especially helpful if you've got lots of contacts to transfer.) Give the new phone permission to accept data from the old phone and hit SEND. I transferred more than 150 contacts in about 20 seconds. It takes longer to send music, photos and videos. With photos, you can transfer only 10 at a time. Send the first batch, then repeat as often as required to complete the transfer. You must do each section of data separately, (e.g. - contacts, calendar, photos, videos, tasks, etc.)

Probably by now that voice that announces each number you press on the keypad is driving you crazy, right? Yeah, me too. I checked the online Tutorial and User Guide and couldn't find out how to turn it off. I called TracFone Tech Support and they had me try a couple of different things, all to no avail. While the TS Rep had me on hold, I figured it out by myself. I told her that they'd probably be getting lots of calls from those of us who just received these phones. She said they had no info, so she thanked me for the tech help. Here's how to do it: go to SOUND SETTINGS (bottom left) in the MAIN MENU, then go to DIAL READOUT (4th line down) and flip the indicator to OFF (factory default is ON) and that will silence that annoying voice each time you press a number on the keypad.

If Predictive Text is irritating, simply press the T9 key on the text keypad and that will turn it off. You also get an Auto Correct and Show Next Word option under Text Entry Settings when creating a new message.

Mercifully gone is that awful LG 800 G feature that locked the phone automatically after a minute or so. On this LG 840 G, when you unlock it once, it stays unlocked until or unless you decide to lock it again or you power off.

The LG 840 G uses the same charger as the previous LG 800 G, so if you still have the old charger, you can leave one in a briefcase or at work and keep this one at home. Thanks, LG, for not changing the charger like a certain new incarnation of a very famous smartphone did recently.

I hope this information helps and I hope you enjoy your new LG 840 G as much as I'm enjoying mine.

Sadie1591 | Admirer 1 | 11.16.2012 11:05 PM
There is no GPS app. I think you have to go to the google map website to get what you want. WiFi has to be turned by the customer service rep, at least that is what I did (call and let them know you are being charged minutes and they will ask you how many minutes you have used up by connecting to the web and they will give them back to you). They will tell you to make sure you are in the WiFi app and that it is turned on. The customer service rep did something on their end and it worked fine after I called them. Remember to go back and turn the WiFi icon on once you have left home. When I went out and then come home my WiFi reverted back to taking minutes and all I had to do was go to the wifi app and turn it back on and I was not using minutes.

A smartphone is any phone with a full HTML internet browser and e-mail capabilities. Android refers to the operating system that the phone uses. It was designed by Google to be a competitor for the iPhone and Blackberry. All Android phones are smartphones. Not all smartphones use Android.
FANCYE | Admirer | 11.16.2012 9:49 PM
Sadie? How were you able to connect w/ WIFI. Also where is the GPS app? I read ALL of the instructions step by step, no where did it mention wifi. When I clicked the browser icon it used up minutes. When I clicked on the wifi icon , nothing. Do you know the difference in smartphone and android?

Sadie1591 | Admirer 1 | 11.16.2012 9:04 PM
Yes, it can be done. Have customer rep do it at TracFone. Write down your minutes on the older active phone and the serial number and model, etc. of the older phone. I would write down the minutes, so I can be sure they rolled over the correct amount of unused minutes. I wouldn't try doing it myself. The TracFone website has all the features of the LG840 phone. It's worth taking the time to check the phone out online.
MEADOWMEW | Inside Admirer | 11.16.2012 5:16 PM
the only problem I had with tracfone was the host talking over the seller was not able to get all the features does anyone know if the minutes on your old tracfone carries over to the new will never buy electronics from this same host ever
Sadie1591 | Admirer 1 | 11.16.2012 12:08 PM
I just wanted to let people know that I love my new phone. It takes a little time to read the manual and tutorial online, but once you have done that the phone is fast and really great. I did have to call customer service to activate the phone, & to not be charged for connecting websites with wifi. The people did have a heavy accent, but I must say they were very helpful and got me thru what ever issue I had at the time. I am very happy with this phone.
Sadie1591 | Admirer 1 | 11.14.2012 8:37 PM
JWink - There is no typical green and blue minutes card. If you read the Welcome Guide that came with the phone in Step 2 it tells you how to redeem your airtime by calling the 1-888 number. Your Tracfone must be completely activated before you submit your request. You need your HSN order number, shipping zip code and wireless phone number.
jwink | Admirer 3 | 11.14.2012 10:01 AM
With new TS, should there be the typical green and blue minutes card packed with it?
I didn't receive that.
remi5555 | Admirer | 11.13.2012 3:16 AM
[-o< I am going to get the new 3g wi first timer with this and NEW customer as well I can use all the advise I can get and thank u for those thus far...I called their service and they were great and I was not even a customer yet. But I am use to speaking to teck suppor anyway and maybe some folks aren't. sooooo anywaayyyyy I am now with at and t and not on contract but before I change my ph no over to this phone I want to see if I will like it and how it works cos it will save me about sixty a month and thats alot of money because I am down to less than 300 min from 3000 so I don't need the cell ph price tag and 1400 free will last me at least 4-5 months......ta da...
AmazonDeb | Admirer 3 | 11.12.2012 6:00 PM
I always activate mine online, unless they have changed the rules, you get a few extra minutes (maybe 20?) if you activate online.
Sadie1591 | Admirer 1 | 11.12.2012 4:03 PM
Is it better to activate phones online or by calling the 1-800 number? I read where it was best to do it over the phone. I'm feeling better after reading your responses. Thanks,
AmazonDeb | Admirer 3 | 11.12.2012 11:15 AM
I'm on my 3rd Tracfone, been with them about 10 years. My friends all have Tracfones too. I only had a problem with my 2nd one, as it got older it would lose the minutes on its own; this happened twice. I would get them restored by signing onto their Forum to get the code to restore my minutes. After the 2nd time I upgraded to the S390G and no problems. You don't have to talk to someone, just get help on their forum.

I think most of the complaints about Tracfone are due to user error and people who don't read the instructions.
LEATHER | Inspirer 2 | 11.12.2012 10:40 AM
Ive had tracfone for years never a problem activation has been easy.
Got two of the TS, great buy.
Sadie1591 | Admirer 1 | 11.11.2012 8:38 PM
The not being able to understand or communicate with customer service located in another country is terrible to try and solve problems. Let's hope I don't have any problems....I will have the option of returning the phones, but I really don't want to do that. Thanks for your response.
ddee274666 | New Friend | 11.11.2012 8:19 PM
](*,) ](*,) TracFone. They are some thing else to work with. You just have to keep bugging them until you get what you want.
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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

I had tracfone for a few years for myself and my elderly parents, but it was such a pain to enter all the activation codes, page after page of very long strings of numbers, and they'd constantly make sales calls to the house.

I finally switched to a contract carrier, and switched parents to T-mobile prepaid. It took me another couple of years to get Tracfone to stop calling my house.

I will say I had good cellular service, as their phones can jump onto other company's towers.
But I won't go back to them because of the sales calls and because T-mobile prepaid is so much easier to add minutes.

Those long strings in CODE ENTRY mode can be daunting, but that's only when switching to TracFone from another wireless carrier and porting your phone number. After that, it's relatively painless whether you're upgrading phones or adding minutes. As you pointed out, TracFone has outstanding coverage and reception. For me, that plus the savings and convenience of a non-contract mobile phone justified that OTO endless numerical string.

As for the telemarketing calls, you can terminate the irritation on Day One by telling TracFone that you don't wish to be bothered by sales calls or "friendly reminders" when your airtime is nearing its expiration date (redundant and superfluous because this information is in the phone under PREPAID.) You have the option of receiving text messages or e-mail notification. Just be firm with them. Don't eliminate all notices - opt for texts - because often they'll have sales or give you special airtime discounts and bonuses (especially around holidays and back-to-school.)

CARJAM, the difficulty that you had finding the volume control, that Sadie1591 and MaryBev solved for you, reminded me of something my mother encountered with a Motorola phone a few years ago. We'd call and she'd say that she never heard it ringing. She also said the the volume was so low that she could barely hear the person speaking. It was only then that I discovered her phone had the infamous - and now ubiquitous - rocker switch. Previously, volume on most phones was controlled by an internal setting rather than external buttons. Each time she held the phone, inadvertently she was depressing the lower half of the volume control on the side. She commented, "That's a silly place to put it."

As consumers, we have an obligation to notify manufacturers about the features that we find less than user-friendly and downright irritating. Case in point, the LG 840G's predecessor, the LG 800G, had the most annoying screen lock that engaged after only a minute or less. No matter how you configured the security setting, it locked and although you could continue a conversation, you had no access to the dialpad or any other feature, unless you unlocked it over and over again. Apparently LG took the complaints seriously and improved the next generation of its touchscreen, the LG 840G.

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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

Forgive my 2 cents here..
I agree with Keriga..I have used Tracfone for years..Have kept my same phone # for years,also.I have only been required to enter a couple of sets of code numbers supplied by the rep.Everything was changed over in a matter of minutes.

I am technology s-t-u-pid..I state that to the rep,which usually gets a chuckle. I also ask them to speak slowly when they tell you the code numbers..I repeat them back as I punch them in..not to make mistakes..I have and them stop me..
I do not have the newer phone that you are discussing.Like I said I'm not the brightest bulb.;-);
Touch screens here are iffy outdoors due to the cold least to me.
My Tracfone has better coverage than my kid's contract plans..

My kids are just glad that "old" Mom has finally learned to text..LOL
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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

Lots of great suggestions on this forum (extra thanks to you KERIGA):

Wondering if others are having as much trouble getting the email function to work on the LG840g (accessing through the email icon). I have an ATT and GMAIL account set up correctly (as far as I can tell...servers, port#, email address, passwords). Possibly there are some advanced settings that are off though I get zero support from tracfone customer service. Web browser and text messaging works. But when I send an email (through the email icon) it shows the message is sending, then waiting, then failure. Appreciate any other insight. Thanks

It seems as if you're doing everything right, TXDL, therefore it's puzzling as to why you're having those problems. If it happened only once, it could've been a glitch in the network or the servers were down. If it continues, that points to a malfunction in the phone itself.

I had a similar situation with my former LG 800G, but never with this new phone. I called TracFone's CS and told them that I was getting "Failure" and I wanted to test the messaging feature of the phone. I sent them an e-mail, which they received, but my phone still displayed "Failure." I asked them to respond, but TracFone Reps weren't allowed to send messages, even at the customer's request.

To complete the test, I would've called a friend, but most of them had abandoned their expensive data plans under contracts with conventional wireless providers years ago. Next best option: I called LG. They were incredibly accommodating. I send a test message to one of their technicians, who received it and replied, and I replied to that, indicating that the phone was working properly. Immediately, I called TracFone again about the on-screen "Failure" and they updated the firmware via CODE ENTRY. Those "Failure" notices, which had appeared immediately after activating it, disappeared and never returned.

Try this test: send the same message to yourself on the AT&T and G-mail accounts, as well as your phone. Check the inboxes on your computer to see if they transmitted properly. See if the phone received the message that you just sent. Also try messaging a friend and see what happens. If these test messages don't transmit, there's probably something wrong with the phone. If they transmit and the "Failure" still appears, it could be that a firmware update is needed or there's a SIM card problem. Request a replacement phone if necessary.

If minutes were deducted but the transmissions were not completed, inform TracFone and have them reinstate the minutes that you lost due to the problems with the phone.

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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

Thanks a lot Keriga, I'll try all those things. I actually tried to get support from LG and AT&T and they kindly could not help. ATT couldn't support the issue because it was not a phone purchased through them, even though it is their ATT mail service. LG didn't help because what sounded like a similar reason, a little vague. Tracfone customer service simply will not, cannot help. Their only support has been if the phone is not texting (which does work) and if the browser won't connect (which it does also work). I will keep exploring your ideas. Thanks for your insights (they are more than I have received from Trac, LG, or ATT).

While I have you, have you experienced an issue when you connect wi-fi through a hot spot (not at home but like at the golden arches) the phone's wi-fi connects fine and it shows that it is connecting to their website automatically. Their web site starts to show up on the phone and then the phone says "Page too large, open mobile site". It doesn't matter if I try to quickly type another URL in to any other site and connect, that same message comes up. I clear out cookies and cache. Sounds like a setting, or memory issue (though it is a brand new phone).
Thanks again for your time.

TXDL (Daniel)
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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

You sound as if you're tech savvy, TXDL,. You were absolutely correct to clear the cache and the cookies because that can help a bit, but with limitations, mainly because this isn't an expensive iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone. Regarding the difficulties you're having accessing certain websites, I'm going to quote myself in an edited version of the response that I left on another thread in hopes of at least partially explaining the problem.

The LG 840G is neither a true smartphone, nor is it a true Android. Perhaps it can best be described as a hybrid; a semi-smartphone. TracFone gave LG a set of specifications to meet the requirements of its network and LG built a device to accommodate those guidelines with a proprietary OS. LG 840G is closer to Android than Apple's iOS or Blackberry, therefore, it's easier to understand and maneuver if you've used another Android phone or tablet.

LG 840G is web-enabled, it's capable of sending and receiving voice, data and text, but it's not a pure smartphone and it's not totally Android. That would account for the difficulties that you're having in accessing/displaying certain websites, whether when using an external hotspot or your home router. For those that you can access, forget about large data files; the phone can't handle them. You'll also find that certain websites - even designated, specially designed mobile websites - can't be displayed on this phone.

Please understand that I'm not criticizing the LG 840G, because it's a great little device for the money and definitely an improvement over the previous model. If users can accept it for what it is - limitations and all - and not expect it to perform like some $500 true smartphone, then they'll be happier with what it can do and less focused upon and frustrated by what it can't.

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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

Thanks a lot KERIGA for your feedback and perspectives! I commend your level of knowledge. This forum has been of great value in helping to resolve my phone issues, while learning other insights along the way. Thanks!
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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

TXDL, those of us who've dealt with TracFone over the years know that you have to be insistent and persistent to get their attention and achieve a satisfactory resolution to your problems. Don't take "NO" for an answer. As a consumer, you have a reasonable expectation of a fully functional product and responsiveness by Customer Service/Tech Support to answer your questions and meet your requirements.

I urge you to go to TracFone's website and complete the complaint form, detailing the problems you've had with the phone and the stone wall of ignor~ance/indifference that you've encountered with their lower-level associates. A member of their Executive Resolutions Department will respond to you by phone, usually the next day, but most certainly within 48 hours. Generally the members of that team are highly skill~ed in Customer Service and have superior communications abilities than their colleagues. Very often, they'll solve the problem(s) for you on the spot.

Should it become necessary to return/exchange the defective handset, TracFone will send a replacement, a pre-paid mailer and instructions for returning the original phone. They give you 3-4 weeks to send it back, which was especially helpful in the pre-Bluetooth days because it took that long to transfer data manually from the old phone to the new one. Make sure you adhere to that deadline, because WITHOUT NOTICE, they will deactivate that first phone EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T ACTIVATED THE REPLACEMENT YET, leaving you without service at inopportune moments.

If anyone else is having problems with the phone, I'd advise requesting a replacement immediately, especially if it was intended as a holiday gift. Supplies will dwindle throughout December and you don't want to be disappointed by being Waitlisted. LG couldn't produce enough of the older 800Gs to keep pace with the demand and often TracFone wasn't able to do an even exchange. Instead they were offering cheaper, non-touchscreen models by other manufacturers when they exhausted the LG supply.

Another very important thing: since you bought a brand new phone that failed to function as promised, DEMAND that TracFone send you a NEW - not reconditioned/refurbished - phone as a replacement. Right now, with HSN's Extended Return Policy effective, it might be easier to exchange that way rather than dealing with TracFone at all. At least you'll be assured of getting a new phone from HSN.

Please keep us posted regarding your progress in resolving those connectivity issues, TXDL.

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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

Hi Everyone,

I partially read thru the posts to see if anyone else is having the issue I am and didn't readily see it. So...I am not receiving the "contact name" on text messages, only the phone number. Everyone I've spoken to about this says there is no 'setting' for this, it should happen automatically. Then, they will ask if I have the area code entered for my contacts and, yes, I do. The name will show up in my text message folder after the fact, just not initially upon first receiving it. HELP! Making me a little crazy! lol. Thank you!
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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

Thanks KERIGA, I will take my phone's functional issues to the higher level customer service as you mention. I do like the LG840g and its value. I'll continue to post any updates on my email and wi-fi challenges. Thanks again.
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RE: TS Tracfone = problems with customer service

Thanks a lot Keriga, I'll try all those things. I actually tried to get support from LG and AT&T and they kindly could not help. ATT couldn't support the issue because it was not a phone purchased through them, even though it is their ATT mail service. LG didn't help because what sounded like a similar reason, a little vague. Tracfone customer service simply will not, cannot help. Their only support has been if the phone is not texting (which does work) and if the browser won't connect (which it does also work). I will keep exploring your ideas. Thanks for your insights (they are more than I have received from Trac, LG, or ATT).

While I have you, have you experienced an issue when you connect wi-fi through a hot spot (not at home but like at the golden arches) the phone's wi-fi connects fine and it shows that it is connecting to their website automatically. Their web site starts to show up on the phone and then the phone says "Page too large, open mobile site". It doesn't matter if I try to quickly type another URL in to any other site and connect, that same message comes up. I clear out cookies and cache. Sounds like a setting, or memory issue (though it is a brand new phone).
Thanks again for your time.

TXDL (Daniel)


I'm having same issue. Were you able to resolve?
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