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Some questions and thoughts on the S390G

I am still in a learning curve with my 390G phone. I've gotten the Wi-Fi down no problem, but I have had the phone dial 911 while in my purse on "LOCK". I understand I am not the only user this has happened to. Luckily it only happened once while I was out shopping.

The two quite frustrating things are how often the phone is in a "No Service" mode. I called Tracphone (I didn't have anyproblems with them at all). I had to completely reset the phone and it was fine, but it still happens. I power the phone off and back on and it seems to be fine, but it still happens fairly often.

The other issue is with Email. I have set it up, but am getting an error that says "User ID/PW incorrect". I set it up according the prompts. Has anyone else run into this?

I am using GetJar to download apps, but can't seem to get the Code Reader app to work. Has anyone else downloaded this app? If so, am I doing something wrong? I thought you could just open the app. and put your phone up to the QR icon in a magazine or wherever, and you could snap a pic.

I too thought it had GPS, (actually it does, but that is so the police can find you), I have downloaded directions several tmes from Bing and Google. It's a nice feature, but it would be nicer if there was a way to have the phone "speak" the directions.
The other thing that was not made clear (to me at least) was that while te phone is a "smartphone", it is Jave-based. I would like to listen to PODcasts, but they all only seem to have "Android" or "i" selections.

I have always been wary of purchasing the first generation of any mechanical device; be it a car or in this case cell phone. ButI did because the price and features were incredible an it was a Samsung product. Perhaps I should have waited until they got the bugs worked out.Truthfully, in many ways, I miss my Samsung Rogue...

If someone has an answer for my email and podcast issues, I'd be grateful.
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