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NO WiFi Calling - Samsung Galaxy Centura

Has anyone been able to make CALLS via WiFi without minutes being deducted ?

My ISP's WiFi on my phone is properly activated and last night I burned up 75 minutes of my airtime at home!

I just got off the hardline phone with Tracfone and was told the WiFi is ONLY for use with web browsing.

Maybe I misunderstood but WiFi was presented as a feature which allowed browsing AND calls. So far I have used over 200 minutes of the promotional airtime over the course of two weeks. Not good.
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RE: NO WiFi Calling - Samsung Galaxy Centura

GemFX, are you certain that you're not confusing Wi-Fi for VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)? That's what allows you to make free local, long distance and international calls via apps such as Skype, Fring and several others.

You can video-chat free using other apps such as GOOGLE Hangouts, formerly Gmail Chat.

You can also use Wi-Fi for free web browsing for news, shopping, entertainment, research, etc. and that will conserve your DATA balance. Use your wireless router at home. In public places (e.g. - parks, libraries, coffee shops, etc.) you can tap into a hotspot. They may require that you enter a password, but generally they're free. Just be aware of your surroundings and your security settings. Even with a firewall, I wouldn't access personal, sensitive information such as bank accounts when using public Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, you're definitely going to use TALK MINUTES when making regular wireless phone calls.

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RE: NO WiFi Calling - Samsung Galaxy Centura

GemFx: Try the MagicJack app. I've only used it once so far but I was on it for almost 40 minutes and my friend said that she's never heard me so clear. I live in a 3-floor condo (I'm on 2nd floor) and I've never had good cell signal; it's at most 3 bars but mostly alternates between 2 and 1 bar. I used my home wifi and I always have strong signal so the MagicJack worked very well. I checked my airtime balance to make sure that it was truly free. I close the app when I finished using it otherwise it's always running. Sometimes the "close app" function is there but sometimes it's not; so then you have to go to your apps and "force close/stop" from there.
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