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LG840G - Google Maps

Reading reviews for the Tracfone LG840G, a number of us were needing info regarding Google Maps. One reviewer had this to say. "From Tracfone, press browser icon. Choose SEARCH, then Google, then MAPS. Press INSTALL NOW to download Google Maps into Tracfone"

As I was reading the excellent articles by KERIGA, and her wonderful directions/explanations, I looked for a way to print them for future reference. Not seeing that capability, I went to Edit on Safari (Apple Imac), sent an email to myself, and with copy and paste I now have a nice record to print as soon as I get my ink tanks re-filled.
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RE: LG840G - Google Maps

Thank you, that worked. However, it was an unsigned version and it keeps asking me if I want to continue because it's unsigned. I can say yes to continue and look up addresses or whatever, but then it asks me again, and again. Anyone know how to deal with this?
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RE: LG840G - Google Maps

I created a file in my word processor and then copied and pasted Keriga's posts into that file. Works like a charm. Hope this helps.
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RE: LG840G - Google Maps

No matter what I try to do on this phone when I am looking for this kind of download and when it freezes up more minutes get used.
I'll need 1,000 minutes to do some of the downloads from browser they are not free..
main gripe..
yes if I ever get the WIFI installed on my phone good for me not to use all my minutes up on NON-CALLS
do not like to do that.I wanted my phone minutes for PHONE CALL:smileyfrustrated:.
Not for browsing and all that.
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RE: LG840G - Google Maps

When I follow CarJam's goes to google maps for android. I let it download for 5 mns 3 different times and it would just not go any further. please help!
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RE: LG840G - Google Maps

There are a couple of things you can try, Blazermamaw, that might possibly help:

1. Try the DL again and if it stops or sticks midway, turn off the phone for about :30-:60 and then try DLing again.

2. Remove the battery, wait :30-:60 and attempt the DL again after you've re-inserted it.

3. A drastic last resort - if you do this, you'll lose all of your data, so be sure you back up first by copying everything to your previous phone or your computer - then go to the main MENU and do a factory re-set. This will return the phone to the status it was when you received it. ALL OF YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST in the process, that's why it's important to back up everything first. After you've reset, try your Google maps DL again.

If none of the above works, then call TracFone's Tech Support. Ask if they have a solution, possibly a firmware fix that you can achieve through CODE ENTRY MODE. If that doesn't solve the problem, then there could be a problem either with the SIM card or with the phone itself. If they can't send a replacement SIM, then you should request a new (not reconditioned or remanufactured) replacement phone.

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