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LG 840 Tracfone...Losing Signal while Talking

Am I the ONLY one that gets annoyed while holding on my Tracfone while conversing, that my "hand or ear" accidentally bumps or pushes on the "volume bar on the side" and lose the connection with the person I'm talking to? Is this just a bad spot for the volume control bar to be located if touching it causes you to lose your connection? I lose calls on a daily basis because of this. The "bar" is pretty much where you hold on to the phone all the time and hard to hold onto the small phone w/o accidentally touching it. Every time I'm on the phone, I try to remember about the "V" bar, but while talking, the hand moves around a lot and occasionally bumps the bar and loose signal. Any solutions other than just being careful where the hand and ear touch the phone. I haven't seen anyone bringing up this issue and just what others are experiencing and any solutions if any.
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