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Is there a way to block wifi?

I bought the Nextbook 7 and think it's great. I'd like to buy more for my grandchildren - ages 6-9 - for Christmas (hopefully HSN will get more in). I love some of the reading and math apps they have for children. And they all love to play games. They'd also be able to have ebooks and their music all in one place.

My concern though is that I don't want them to be able to connect to wifi by themselves. Neither I nor their parents want them to be on the Internet by themselves. Does anyone know if there is a way to password protect the wifi (or maybe Explorer) so they can't connect to the Internet? Parents would still want to be able to connect to wifi.

Or is there an app that can do this?


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RE: Is there a way to block wifi?

If you password protect your router, they won't be able to get on the internet without the password.
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RE: Is there a way to block wifi?

I don't have a Netbook 7 so I'm really going out on a limb here - just trying to help. On most devices, they have a settings or network option that will have a feature than will allow you to either enable or disable Wifi.

With some of these apps, Wifi is required but will prompt you to connect if indeed Wifi is disabled. Hope this helps.
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