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How do you connect the nextbook to the internet?

I received the Google Android Nextbook, but can't figure out how I can connect it to the internet. I charged the battery, but that's as far as I have gone. HELP!
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RE: How do you connect the nextbook to the internet?

Hello, first of all congrats on your purchase. Ok so what you need to do is connect your nextbook to the internet via wi-fi (wireless internet.) To do this it is usually in the system setting, then wireless & networks. After you are in there look for your wifi hotspot and click on it. If your wifi signal is password protected you will need to enter your password. It should connect rather quickly. After that you are done and can now hit the home button and start surfin' the web :smileyhappy: If you are still having problems you can go to youtube and type in "how to connect to wifi" and a million videos will pop up and give you step by step instruction. Good Luck !!!
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