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Just received/tried the WP Tri-Grill. Looks well made until you assemble! One of the clips (plastic!)holding the bottom plate sheared right off. Couple of years ago WP waffle maker's handle (also plastic) broke off after just a couple of uses. With the grill, the Customer svc people very nicely offered to waive return shipping (why should I pay for defective product? But if you own this thing you know how heavy it is! Now I have to go to UPS lugging this worthless thing, inconvenience, time. etc.
My question: why have an appliance well designed, executed in part, then blow it on CHEAP PLASTIC PARTS! With the waffle maker, 30 days had lapsed,and even though I contacted WP Co, I Never got the courtesy of a call back! I had sworn off WP products for this reason, and I completely regret going back against my decision never to buy anything he makes again. Will get my $ back but that doesn't replace the loss of my time and hurting my back. HSN why can't you make sure products are COMPLETELY vetted, save us the trouble? We rely upon you for good products and mostly you are good at it. Maybe WP appliances need more scrutiny--
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