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Technical Problems with HSN Web Site

Your Web site seems to be falling apart. The "Continue Shopping" button doesn't work, either you have to keep signing in or you can't sign out, the coupons for free shipping don't work on clearance items and they're supposed to, the vendor pages load slowly and skip around once or twice before settling down, and now I can't check out online! Would you please hire someone to get this stuff fixed?
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RE: Technical Problems with HSN Web Site

Yes and the order status is glitchy too. when you try to check on an order it says this page is not available. This has been going on for over 1 week. Please fix
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RE: Technical Problems with HSN Web Site

I spent 37 minutes trying to purchase the Rarities TS on line. Even though it eventually went through and the customer service rep I spoke with said they had my order, I got an e-mail the next day saying that they over sold the item. They said I might get it by the end of November. Also, there has been a problem editing the shipping address and name on two of the gift orders. Although I used my HSN address book to edit the shipping name and address, the only thing that was edited was the address. So, my name remained with the edited addresses. In other words, the gift I sent to my brother's address does have his proper address but not his name. My name shows up instead. This is the second time in one week that this error has happened. Even though I have called HSN to report the problem, the customer service rep seemed surprised to hear that there was a problem. I am afraid to order any more gifts on line. It seems as though HSN's on line services are experiencing several issues.
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