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Here is what I think of your "sure post" shipping method: It S--KS! I have been disappointed too many times. I was eagerly awaiting my Michael Anthony hoop earrings and never received them. This has happened before with jewelry items. I'm tired of receiving a notice from the post office instead of my paid for merchandise. When I fill out and sign the postal notice to have the item re-delivered, I never receive it. Even when I do, it's days later than what it should be. I am so disappointed about not receiving those earrings. What an inconvenience to expect your customers to stand in line at the post office, wait days longer for receipt of purchase, or worst of all, NEVER GET YOUR PAID FOR PURCHASES! Your Sure Post method is terrible! Furthermore, a huge established company like HSN should be able to ensure that whatever system of shipping you use, you have communication with the shipping company to leave items in a mail box if it's something small like jewelry or to leave it inside of an apartment bldg. if it is a larger box. Don't you realize that many of us are not going to be home to receive shipments?! Here is a news flash: We have to work to earn money to shop at HSN. We are not all rich housewives, you know. I am so disappointed in HSN. I really hate your company right now.
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