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I earned spendable kash (20.00) with my last order, which was only received 10 days ago and my SK expired with no warning.

I checked my account and packging slip and there was no stated expiration dated.

Contacted CS and he told me it expired on 09/24/13 at 11:59pm and I could earn coupons in the arcade!

What a response ! It had nothing to due with the question, I just want my Spendable Kash Credit which was mine!! It was not some freebie or coupon I earned i!

I normally love HSN, but for gosh sakes I would have spent over 20.00 and the way CS treated me was not the normal way HSN conducts business!

Thanks ](*,)

Hello c518,

We are very sorry to hear your Spendable Ka$h expired before you were able to use it. We also apologize for your experience with our customer service department. We are sending you an email with some more information on the promotion.
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The same exact thing happened to me! I received an email on 9/24/13 saying my spendable Ka$h was expiring that night. I received no other notification that the Ka$h was even available (checked my spam/bulk mail folder...nothing there). I had even logged into my account last week looking for NFL shirts for myself and my daughter and saw nothing about the Ka$h being available. Yesterday I contacted HSN to see if they could reapply the Ka$h I had earned but was flat out refused by 3 different representatives via chat, phone, and email. First I was told it was still in my account and didn't expire until yesterday 9/25, that wasn't true. I was also told it's been in my account since 9/8/2013...also not true. I agree with you, I spent over $150 and had earned that Ka$h. The attitude of 'too bad, your loss' was disheartening. And to send only one email a few hours before it expired was unacceptable.
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