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Serious Skin Care Continuously Clear

I have been using the Continuously Clear Trio for adult skin for the past few weeks. I like it alot! I noticed that the kit is on clearance for $29.00 and their is another trio bt the same name name for $39.00. My question is, what is the difference between the two kits? Obviously something has been changed or they would not be selling the smae kit for two different prices? Thanks.

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RE: Serious Skin Care Continuously Clear

What do you mean by "kit is on clearance"? Where did you saw the 2 kits?
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RE: Serious Skin Care Continuously Clear

The kit on clearance for $29.90 is the Continuously Clear Nano Hydra+ kit - - - that's the newest formulation. The Clearz-It and the Moisturizer have hyaluronic acid added to them to help prevent the dryness that can occur from acne-treatment ingredients.

I love these products - - - I've been on auto-ship since they launched the Nano Hydra + version which is about 18 months now and I have indeed been continuously clear since I started.

I don't see any other CC kits available on HSN right now, so I can't tell you what the diff is. I'd look close up at the picture if you can and see if the words Nano Hydra + are on the labels. If not, it's the previous formulation. The anti-acne ingredients are the same, but there's no hyaluronic acid.
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