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Lancome Beauty

I use to buy Lancome at the department stores until the price stopped me from doing so. Now they are here on HSN and I have noticed that the pricing is no diffrent than buying at the department stores. The other lines have lower prices and wonderful products to buy. Why is it that Lancome is the exception ? I know they do years of research for their products, however if they can not do competitive priceing , why are they on HSN? Could it be they are not selling at the Macy's counters?
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RE: Lancome Beauty

I know I turned away from Lancome in department stores because the SA always tries to sell you the most expensive product regardless what you want to buy. Maybe they'll figure out that there are other cosmetic lines out theres.
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RE: Lancome Beauty

If I buy Lancome on HSN they usually give free shipping and no sales tax if ordered on line. The sales tax is a big savings for me. Then there are many customers that lives many miles from the nearest dept. store that carries the brand. That is a god send for many people. The only problem is the limited offerings.
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RE: Lancome Beauty

During a visit, they usually have a few kits and those prices are better than buying individual items. They also had a Genifique TS that was a great price.

Most of the department store brands don't have any different pricing on individual items here nor on other shopping channels. You have to wait for kits and sales.
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